8 reasons to buy an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront

8 reasons to buy an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront

An attractive location, high quality construction and finishes, amazing views, the vicinity of shops, cafes, and restaurants, the main city events within walking distance – Belgrade Waterfront apartments meet the highest housing standards. “The cherry on top” of the residential buildings in the new central district is an additional benefits pack that saves residents’ time, making their everyday life easier and more comfortable than in any other place presented on Belgrade real estate market. 

1 Lobby

Say goodbye to unpleasantly dark and cold hallways! At the entrance of each Belgrade Waterfront building, there is a spacious, illuminated lobby, in which every single detail is carefully planned and designed to contribute to the quality of living and harmoniously fit the rest of interior. While waiting for you to come downstairs, your guests can take a seat in a comfy furniture set and enjoy discovering artistic pieces that decorate the lobby’s walls.  BW Residences, for example, are decorated with original paintings by Vuk Vuckovic, a famous visual artist, while Marko Kusmuk’s artworks will welcome you in the lobby of BW Magnolia.

2 Reception

Returning home makes us happy, no matter how short our absence was. Every time you return to your BW home, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly smile from the reception staff. Besides standard building maintenance, they stay at your disposal for all small favors, so do not hesitate to contact them whenever you need to book a cab, tickets for the upcoming events, or make a doctor’s appointment. You will appreciate a la carte reception services even more when it comes to looking after your little ones, walking a pet, watering plants, organizing a festive celebration, or any other task that requires responsibility and more than your two hands to be promptly and professionally done.

3 Discretion

A special room for special deliveries – a whole separated premise on the ground floor serves as a secured postal area! So, if you expect to receive a package that can’t fit in your postbox, you don’t need to be worried or to be on standby. Want to surprise your family with an unexpected gift you ordered? This space is intended to secure your privacy while picking up the shipment and make sure your surprise plan won’t be discovered until the right moment!

4 Facility maintenance service

The facility maintenance service makes sure that everything in the building works flawlessly: any breakdowns are repaired immediately, and hallways and other common areas are cleaned regularly. More frequently used paths are more frequently cleaned, up to several times a day. Even after the strongest winter storms, which could make the whole of Belgrade sink into the snow, the maintenance service will clean all the entrances and inner courtyards, so as to make all the facilities easily accessible to the residents.

5 Courtyard only for residents

In addition to the grand Sava Park, the residents of Belgrade Waterfront have access to their own small, semi-private green oases, within their building. The courtyards are arranged according to the latest fashion tips of a landscape architect, decorated with carefully selected plants and equipped with modern furniture, which makes them an ideal place to relax, read a book or work in silence. The maintenance service regularly takes care of the greenery in these yards, as well as in all other parts of the settlement.

6 Parking and storage

The entire Belgrade Waterfront is adapted to sustainable transportation modes, so pedestrians and cyclists have an advantage here, which doesn’t mean car drivers were left on their own. In addition to the great connection with the other parts of the city, residents don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, since each residential building has its own underground garage. Private storage spaces are also integrated in the buildings, so you can finally store camping and skiing equipment neatly in one place, without making your living space overcrowded. Physical security and video surveillance allow you to be carefree knowing that you, your family and property are absolutely protected, 24/7.

Can you remember the time when buildings had vertical tunnels for waste disposal? Belgrade Waterfront combines modern design with the housing solutions that have withstood the test of time. The result is more comfort in doing regular household chores, like replacing the unpleasant walk with the trash bags to the container, with the satisfying waste disposal routine by using a chute on your floor.

7 Shops just right for you

Shops, restaurants and cafes are located on the ground floor of each building. Instead of being set to sale, these facilities are rentable, in order to ensure the mix of services which BW’s residents really need in their neighborhood and daily life, all in accordance with the established living standard of the most attractive residential block in the city.

In addition to numerous children’s playgrounds, young parents especially appreciate the opportunity to enroll their child in the kindergarten in the building itself or in its immediate vicinity. The buildings of the Belgrade Waterfront are of the exact design that supports the lifestyle of modern families. Some buildings have a separate space aimed for small private celebrations like children’s birthdays and parties. The others offer even more advanced features, like the swimming pool in BW Residences or BW Terraces. While your children are enjoying their swimming lessons, you can take your time in the gym and relax after working out.

8 A mobile app

One more special offer for all BW tenants is a specially designed mobile app, through which they can easily receive service information, check the bills and pay them all. The final option within the app is especially convenient for people who often travel or live abroad, since they often decide to buy an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront, understanding and recognizing the housing standards in major world metropolises.All this may sound too good to be affordable, but loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront can be obtained at an early stage of construction, at a monthly installment rate starting from EUR 499. Register your interest here and our sales consultants will help you choose a property that fits both your budget and your needs.

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