The family moves us, and the desire to fulfill family dreams always makes us give the best of ourselves, and the best is love.

The formula for a perfect life

Love for our loved ones leads us to the primary goal of providing them with security and a beautiful future. In today’s world, as it is, wholly unpredictable and hectic, having a roof over your head is a great treasure. Whether it is a one-bedroom apartment or an apartment in a slightly larger area, the security of the investment that comes with it is precious. Belgrade Waterfront offers the apartments of different sizes and equipment if you are a young married couple or are just planning to expand the family. Some of the new buildings, BW Queen’s Park Residences and BW King’s Park Residences, are ideal for all those who want something more than life in the capital. Both buildings are surrounded by greenery and offer an authentic blend of nature and enjoyment. Then when you want to build a life in a place that offers countless opportunities and engaging content, contact a BW sales agent who will help you get the best for your money.

For you and your loved ones

The great advantage of one of the most famous neighborhoods in Serbia is the proximity of all essential facilities, the city center, shops, kindergarten, and green infrastructure. The inner courtyards of the buildings are your escape from the hustle and bustle of peace and comfort and represent a green oasis in the city center that you will appreciate when you need something more than just a living space. Your children will be grateful because Belgrade Waterfront, with its facilities, supports every part of their growth because, near the neighborhood, there are a large number of educational institutions that monitor every level of education according to age, as well as ,,Futurino” kindergarten, whose space is equipped with the highest quality modern furniture adapted to the children needs, rich in various “Montessori” didactic materials and didactic materials for other purposes that are in line with the development of each child. Parents with more minor children certainly choose a carefree and happy childhood by choosing an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront, and at the same time, the proximity of an institution that will provide them with all the best while they will have time for themselves and private obligations outside the workplace. So, when you choose, choose a fulfilled life!

For all that is called life

We all used to be children dreaming of everything that seemed unattainable then. And now, as adults, we still have dreams that we never stop realizing—this time for our children. Giving them the peace, security, and future they need is undoubtedly the most beautiful gift they can receive, in addition to love that is unconditional. This is precisely the idea of ​​Belgrade Waterfront, to give you all the best of life in a place you call “home.” At Tesla Medical, which is located on the ground floor of the BW Magnolia building, you will be able to perform simple monthly or annual examinations and the like in your environment in the hands of good experts. You will never have to worry about waiting a long time again or spending extra time going to the doctor.

Suppose there is someone to look after your child, so you can take time to visit Saruna Club, which offers relaxation, massages, facial and body treatments, oxygen therapy in the hyperbaric chamber, and a Health bar with natural juices, cakes, fresh salads, organic wine, and organic coffee. Also, the proximity of the shopping center Galerija allows you always to provide many events that further enrich life in the neighborhood – performances for children, exhibitions, visiting the cinema, and the like. Isn’t that great? Both children and parents can meet the needs of an active and fulfilled life at any time.

From an idea to realization

An indispensable part of this modern neighborhood is the Sava Promenada, with its long path dedicated to various activities. Those who like walking, riding bicycles, or rollerblading will be happy that they can lead a healthy and fulfilled life just a few steps from the apartment. For all those who have children, this will be a significant infrastructure needed for their development. The river is an excellent source of the natural environment and represents an indescribable junction of the two ends of Belgrade. The views stretch from the Kalemegdan Fortress to the New Belgrade side. Time spent by the river is always an addition to a happy life, whether you decide to walk, sit on a bench and read a book, or drink coffee in nearby cafes that offer first-class service. Even when you have the idea to drink your morning coffee in the comfort of your home, you can count on spacious terraces with unreal views that are always the ideal way to start the day. Some apartments have two balconies, so you can always have the peace you need. The buildings’ equipment is also essential to mention because it is of functional importance for families. This includes private security, reception, and monthly maintenance of facilities, so you and your children will be safe and protected. If this matches your idea of ​​the future, stay with us because we will reveal to you how you can achieve it.

One step closer to move in

You must have thought at least once that everything seems too good to be able to afford it, but loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront can be obtained at an early stage of construction, at a monthly installment starting from EUR 499 . This purchase loan allows you to resolve the housing issue quickly! Our sales consultants will be at your disposal and help you choose a property that fits the budget and meets all your criteria and needs.

Choose an apartment that will give you and your family a good life both in the present and in the future – choose Belgrade Waterfront!

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