Apartments with gardens and the irresistible advantages of living on the ground floor

Apartments with gardens and the irresistible advantages of living on the ground floor

Life in the hustle and bustle of the capital can be, and often is, very exhausting. That is why we often look for “our” place, whether we are planning a break or completing business obligations in peace.

Imagine that you are only a few steps away from “your” place. Imagine that for your afternoon break or socializing with your loved ones, you don’t even have to leave your apartment, but you can relax with a glass of your favorite wine under the Belgrade sky. These are the advantages of apartments with gardens.

Many of us love to spend time in the fresh air, comfortably placed in garden furniture, away from the city crowd, which is especially appreciated by young couples with children or pet owners. The garden isolates you from the noise and provides you with an irreplaceable feeling of peace, ease, and privacy.

The advantage of living on the ground floor is perhaps best described by families with children, for whom it is a real lifesaver when they do not have to use the stairs. In addition, everything is easier when you are a step away from the front door of your home after a major shopping spree or a larger family purchase.

Exclusive apartments with gardens in Belgrade Waterfront are ideally designed for people who lead a dynamic and urban lifestyle, and who truly appreciate real moments of peace in the busy daily life of the capital. Lovers of outdoor recreation know how convenient and time-saving it is when they can do their daily training in the greenery of their homes. Outdoor parties are best in the privacy of the garden when you can organize a celebration to remember and relax with friends.

We know that food is the most delicious when you have all the freshest ingredients, and imagine how it feels when you can add herbs or a secret ingredient from your garden to your specialties. Is there anything better than relaxing on warm, summer days on a soft green lawn? Whether you like to organize parties for friends, exercise, grow plants, sunbathe or enjoy some other hobby, the gardens in front of the apartment are the perfect corner for your enjoyment.

Few things can compare to returning home after a long and tiring day in Belgrade, and the pleasure is even more complete when you can give your signature to the space you are staying in. The courtyards within the Belgrade Waterfront apartments allow you to express your creative side, whether it’s a new plant or designer garden furniture. The space where you spend your leisure time with your loved ones deserves to look the way you imagine it in your dreams.

Belgrade Waterfront offers an ideal opportunity to express all your creative ideas for housing in its haven, located in one of the most desirable premium neighborhoods in this part of Europe.

Look for your perfect urban “resort” in the incredible offer of Belgrade Waterfront, in a prestigious location by the river that unites the best of old and new Belgrade.

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