Visualize big family dreams

Visualize big family dreams

Bright and spacious rooms, a large balcony, a children’s fairytale-like room, comfort, and your last name on the intercom? Parents want a new and beautiful apartment, quality, and comfort for their family. Having dreams means striving for a unique sense of fulfillment, freedom, and happiness that we share with our loved ones.

Despite everything, wishes come true

Buying the first family apartment brings particular security, and the “roof over our heads” becomes a place where love is present. Dreams are there to dream about them, but also to make them come true! The path to getting the apartment keys is now reliable and unlocks a whole new dimension of luxury living. How many times have you been one step away from a decision and have then given up? Maybe unforeseen circumstances stopped this from happening, or you were waiting for some “better time”? Whatever the reason was before, the most attractive residential complex in Belgrade can now be your new address. Since the first sketch, the Belgrade Waterfront design has been an urban oasis of nature and peace and a place to live that would bring the perfect balance between business and private life.

Why are apartments in Belgrade Waterfront ideal for families with children?

Belgrade Waterfront stands out for its location; in the heart of the city and at the center of a peaceful environment and due to the fact that it’s valuable for employed and busy parents with children. There is an outdoor gym, a space for pets, it is within close proximity to the shopping mall Gallery, it offers a private parking, a good connection with the rest of the city and room for children to play. The safety of children within the housing complex is taken care of in the best way possible by professional security guards. In the vicinity of the river and the complex is the Sava Park, with the first interactive water playground in the city. There are also unmissable sports and recreational facilities such as a trail for rollerblading, cycling, walking, or running which can be singled out as the best way to spend your free time. While children play, moms and dads may enjoy an enviable number of  cultural content and the most beautiful cafes and restaurants on the banks of the Sava River.

Cascading BW Scala in the east as an extension of the Sava Park, BW Sole in the center of the Park District with plenty of daylight or sixteen-story BW Libera, which is characterized by a unique architectural solution. Which building would you choose?

One move can change your whole life

Fulfilling a great goal important for the family brings an authentic feeling of happiness! It is light, it smells of success, and we would all like for it to last longer. Living in Belgrade Waterfront will prolong that feeling! Living with your family in a luxurious apartment near the supermarket and playground, with a kindergarten, river, and greenery nearby makes everyday life dreamlike. The staff at the reception will welcome your guests, call a taxi, or reserve seats in a restaurant, and the maintenance service is there to make everything work flawlessly in your apartment and building. You will spend your free time with children in a beautiful park that they will enjoy limitlessly.

A family dream can immediately become reality

Immediately after fantasizing, the question of finance comes inevitably. Loans are made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront and can be obtained while the apartment is at an early stage of construction and in monthly installments starting from 499 euros. This purchase loan allows you to resolve the housing issue rapidly! According to standard practice, it is unique because banks approve loans for new construction only when the work is 80% done. Our sales consultants will be at your disposal and will help you choose a property that fits your budget and meets all your criteria and needs.

The best time for making big decisions that will change your world, is right now. These things won’t happen on their own, unless we take matters into our own hands. At that point dreams begin to come true!

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