Each year is made of a total of 365 miraculous days. And every day is written with stories that are an integral part of our lives. Soon, it will be time to write some new ones.

Festive atmosphere in Belgrade Waterfront

The magical December days are already bringing the festive atmosphere to the capital, which lies at the confluence of the beautiful Sava and Danube rivers. Not far from there, a new, attractive neighborhood Belgrade Waterfront found its home and became a unique symbol of Serbia and a favorite city location for both tourists and residents. While being in the center of all significant events, the most famous Belgrade district is shining very bright this year. The impressive combination of the river’s surface and the New Year’s lighting makes an authentic experience of the December fairy tale. Lamps that illuminate every movement of the water create a remarkable scene, while carefully selected decorative elements contribute to the winter idyll. The perfect atmosphere, good mood, and spirit of holidays complete the Belgrade story of New Year’s Eve 2022.

A perfect end to the year at the most beautiful city neighborhood

In addition to high-quality housing units, Belgrade Waterfront provides a modern experience of living in the city center. The ideal combination of entertainment, engaging events, and functionality make this neighborhood attractive to young people. Exceptional design and architecture offer the conditions for the most beautiful holiday decoration.

The inviolable beauty of this part of the city gives a unique charm to the apartments, most of which have terraces with extraordinary views of the river or park. This new city district has many green areas, such as the Sava Park, with over 140 trees, landscaped lawns, and many other amenities. During the winter and snowing period, you can enjoy the most attractive location in the city, especially if you are a fan of snowballing, snowmaking, or photography. Just turn around yourself, and you will find the real winter tales  – snow-covered parks and greenery, the Sava River, an extraordinary view of the Kalemegdan Fortress, or the New Belgrade. 

In Belgrade Waterfront, you can attend many cultural and art events that enrich social life. There are many cafes and restaurants where you can explore the nightlife, enjoy your morning coffee, or have an afternoon lunch with friends or family. Imagine a perfect winter morning with hot tea or a night walk along the most beautiful promenade, the Sava Promenade, illuminated by the lights sparkling from the tallest building in the region – Kula Belgrade.

It takes a little to be happy, and your happiness may be right here – in the new city center.

The best of you

All those beautiful feelings – love for friends and family, love for ourselves, or the beauty of living in general, can all be felt in the spirit of the holiday atmosphere.

December days bring with them something wholly new and different, something that remains a memory of the old year and makes a perfect transition to the new one. Some even more beautiful moments await us, which we will collect until next year’s holidays.

This magical month has welcomed the New Year’s atmosphere in which we all enjoy with all our hearts. In addition to all that, it is necessary to choose and pack Christmas gifts for family and friends, which makes it an authentic holiday experience. Belgrade Waterfront suggests a visit to the Galerija shopping center, located on the banks of the Sava River. The most exclusive shopping destination became a favorite place in the center of Belgrade. It is one of the biggest attractions in the region, both because of its location on the river bank within the Belgrade Waterfront and because of the impressive size and unique luxuries it offers. Also, for all lovers of beautiful flower arrangements, Flower Room is a place that combines a love for plants, design, and the beauty of nature, located in the heart of Belgrade Waterfront. Whether you need a flower arrangement that you want to please yourself or your loved ones or are looking for the ideal solution for landscaping, a team of experienced decorators and landscape architects is there to help you with their knowledge and creative approach. If you have not started shopping yet and want to make your loved ones happy in the best way, this is your first destination!

Let’s spend New Year’s Eve together!

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the past 365 days and greet what lies ahead. We mark this day with a good mood and optimism about the future. Around the world, people of all ages want to spend this celebration with family, friends and loved ones. The most spectacular New Years’ Eve celebration will occur in Belgrade Waterfront, on the Sava Promenada. On the night of December 31, we will watch light and music performances, yet unseen in the region! The party starts at 8 PM, and the line-up includes DJ, Angellina, Coby, Saša Kovačević, and the headliners Goran Bregović and Mladen Vojičić Tifa. Eight-minute fireworks intertwined with laser beams and light effects on Kula Belgrade will make this event unforgettable for everyone who joins us. With great pleasure, we announce that this magnificent event will be followed by music specially composed for this occasion, inspired by local heritage and tradition.

Get ready to make a wish as you enter the New Year with a positive attitude because maybe, in 2022, Belgrade Waterfront will be your new place to live!

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