Ideal Neighbourhood for Your Lifestyle

Ideal Neighbourhood for Your Lifestyle

Summer is that time of year when we wish to escape from the scorching heat to a beautiful and peaceful place we have been dreaming about all year, to recharge our batteries for future challenges and make memorable memories. Now imagine returning from such an environment to your urban but equally magical corner on the riverbank, perfect in every detail, where your entire year looks like an extended dream vacation. The residents of Belgrade Waterfront, a modern neighbourhood that raised the beauty of living in the Serbian capital to a completely new level, return home with this kind of elation.

When we start looking for the perfect place to call home, we ask ourselves a lot of questions. How long will it take us to get to work? Are there kindergartens and schools nearby? Where are the nearest shops and restaurants? What is the quality of construction and is there plenty of greenery? If you want to enjoy the luxurious life at the place “where river Sava kisses the sky”, in Belgrade Waterfront you will find an extraordinary urban oasis  that exceeds all your expectations.

In the real estate world, location is everything, and here it really shows. Living in the very centre of the city gives you the opportunity to enjoy the authenticity of being in the event hotspot. You don’t need a car to get to the nearest market, mall, theatre or historic city centre. Living in Belgrade Waterfront saves valuable time by offering a wealth of amenities at your fingertips. You are tucked away in the peace and comfort of your modern home, yet close enough to feel life pulsating in the vibrant restaurants and cafes just a stone’s throw away. The lights and sounds of the metropolis, entertainment, top gastronomic delights with a unique view of the city panorama bring an exciting, unsurpassed experience. 

The privilege of Belgrade Waterfront residents this summer is that the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and Mariza, the Portuguese queen of fado, will practically sing for them under their terraces during Belgrade River Fest, one out of a series of events hosted by Belgrade Waterfront, almost every day. In the previous period, the new city’s epicentre of events hosted the Berry Festival, Gin Week and Street Food Festival, and until the end of the summer, every weekend the biggest movie hits are played under the open sky in an open-air cinema on the lawn next to the river. Proximity to the Galerija, the largest shopping, dining and entertainment destination in the region, means that the most luxurious fashion brands, some of the best restaurants in the city and the first IMAX movie theatre in the region are within easy reach.

For those who prefer comfort within their four walls to outdoor activities, the modern design of the apartments according to the latest trends in architecture and the highest quality finishing works guarantee unparalleled comfort. The units of different sizes and structures are decorated with a superb interior, with huge windows that bring in plenty of daylight and, depending on the orientation, an unforgettable view of the city panorama, the river, the historic centre or the Kula Belgrade as the new symbol of the city. Thanks to the predefined spatial plan, you are guaranteed a dream view while drinking your morning coffee or a glass of wine for a relaxing end of the day.

An inner courtyard is a luxury that hardly any residential complex offers. Residents can enjoy tranquillity after a busy day or mark important life events in an intimate environment. Along with Sava Promenada and the Sava Park, the yard offers a unique opportunity to lead an active and healthy lifestyle in contact with nature, without having to make serious arrangements for going to nature outside the city. A long walk with the dog by the river or a game of table tennis with friends after work is all we need sometimes to relax and de-stress.

How to spend quality free time with children in city conditions is a daily “headache” in families with small children. When you live in Belgrade Waterfront, it becomes a sweet dilemma – whether to choose climbing frames, slides and sports equipment in the park or to take the company to the game room in the Galerija. Among the options is riding bicycles and rollerblades on the well-maintained path that leads all the way from Ada to the Sports Centre 25 Maj. It is certain that you will not find such a variety of activities for an active life anywhere in the city, both for children and adults. In addition, there are a kindergarten and a school in the immediate vicinity, and two lines of the future Belgrade metro will cross on Sava square, the main square of Belgrade Waterfront, which will connect this otherwise well-connected part of the city with other city hubs even better.

Details are what make a huge difference when it comes to luxury apartments. All buildings in Belgrade Waterfront have a 24-hour reception service, which means that you can always count on help if you need it. Belgrade Waterfront offers a vast amount of different apartments which feature a gym, swimming pool, spa centres, storage rooms for bicycles and baby carriages and even special pet stations, where you can quickly clean your pet’s paws after a walk.

There is no doubt that Belgrade Waterfront offers an unrivalled lifestyle for those who want only the best in life, so don’t hesitate to look for your peaceful haven in the most attractive location in the region. Recently, BW Perla, a real architectural pearl of the capital’s most modern complex, has been adorning its already exceptional offer.

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