Luxury living a step from the river, with the stars at your fingertips

Luxury living a step from the river, with the stars at your fingertips

What is luxury nowadays? One will say that it is something more than usual, something extraordinary, exclusive and available only to a few. For example, an apartment with huge windows, a spectacular view from the terrace and a swimming pool on the roof. Others will say that free time is the ultimate luxury today. It’s true that we all have the same number of hours in the day, but someone has the privilege of not having to get in the car after work to go to the gym or a restaurant for dinner. Perhaps the pinnacle of luxury is that in a metropolis like Belgrade, you can indulge in the healing view of the river from your spacious terrace and watch the sun’s shimmering reflection on the surface of the water.

If any of the above is your definition of a perfect life, allow us to present to you the most beautiful apartments in Belgrade Waterfront that combine all this in one place, offering comfort that is a whole level above anything seen in our area.

The best that city life has to offer

Kula Belgrade, the new symbol of the Serbian capital, has set new standards in everything, including what it offers to future residents. Those who want only the best from life will find unparalleled refinement and elegance in the first branded apartments of the famous New York hotel brand in Europe – The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade – located from the 14th to the 39th floor of the monumental building. Until now, we have seen the lifestyle offered by living in Kula Belgrade mostly only on film. Residents will have access to a spa center with a swimming pool and a modern gym, as well as a butler, concierge service and other services of The St. Hotel. Regis Belgrade, located on the first 11 floors of the Kula.

Luxury residences are created for people who strive for perfection in everything they do, including in their search for the ideal home. Waking up in this place, on the very bank of the river, brings enchanting mornings with beams of light falling at an unusual angle of the beveled glass facade and perfect starry evenings during which you will feel as if you are really in the clouds. Kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms are equipped with the highest quality cabinets and wardrobes, and the future owners are left with space to give their stamp to the interior in accordance with their personal style.

Living room with dining room and kitchen in Kula Belgrade, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city

View of the river from the sky villas

What does it look like to live in an apartment that is like a viewpoint? You can also ask the residents of the “sky villas” in the BW Riviera building, located in the first row next to the Sava, in a cinematic microcosm. Sky Villa duplexes, elegant and impeccable in every detail, are located on the corners of the building, and through the glass walls there is a fascinating view of the river and Belgrade’s bridges. The spacious living room has double height and a terrace overlooking the Sava, and even the bathroom has a balcony door that leads to the terrace. This means that you can enjoy your hot tub as if you were outside in the fresh air, watching the most beautiful “blue hour” in town. It is that part of the day when the sky becomes a dull blue with cool, saturated colors at the point of sunrise or sunset. Masters of photography say that this is the right moment to capture the ideal shot.

Today, luxury is also when you live in the center of events, within easy reach of all key points in the city, yet isolated from traffic jams and noise in your oasis of peace and tranquility. It’s nice when you feel that the air you breathe on your balcony is more pleasant than that in congested urban centers, because running water filters pollutants and increases oxygen levels. The calming presence of water and the enchanting views of nature that we all miss in cities strongly influence the general feeling of well-being.

The enchanting view of the river from the first row is also available from the equally luxurious duplexes and other apartments in the BW Perla building. Spacious panoramic balconies and terraces are designed so that, in addition to spectacular views of the river, Kula Belgrade and the wider panorama of the city, they bring an abundance of daylight and fresh air into your home. The duplexes are oriented on two or three sides, so they look at the river and the city center at the same time. This is one of the few buildings in the project that has its own wellness center for residents, with a juice bar, swimming pool, gym, sauna and other spa services. All in all, you can live your dream life here, with the scent of nature in your nostrils and the stars at your fingertips.

Balcony BW Riviera

Imperishable value

Due to the proximity of the future bilingual state elementary school, the state kindergarten and the Sava Park, the apartments in the aforementioned buildings by the river represent an ideal family home for couples with children who want the best of what city life can offer. Sava Promenada, the main artery that connects all attractions in Belgrade Waterfront and which has become the center of the city’s events, is practically in front of the building for residents. Here they will find the pinnacle of pleasure by the river with morning coffee, a light lunch or dinner with live music in one of the numerous restaurants that are dotted along the promenade. And with parks, sports fields, and bike paths, it’s easy to have a healthy and active life. Galerija, a place of top shopping, entertainment and gastronomic delights, as well as the top sports center BW Apollo, which has an indoor pool, a spa center, a state-of-the-art gym and facilities for children, are just a few minutes’ walk away.

Another positive thing is that riverside apartments are in high demand and tend to increase in value, making them a desirable investment. The bad news is that there are not many of them in offer, so you should not miss the opportunity when such “pearls” appear on the market.

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