We all have a unique financial situation, so the best way to invest money depends on personal preferences and current and future financial circumstances. To work out a detailed financial plan and choose an investment option that suits you the best, follow these steps.


If your local market is expensive or simply not suitable for long-term investment, finding a property to buy somewhere outside the borders is a great choice. In addition, the essential part of investing in real estate remotely is choosing the macro location (state, region, city). Try to pick an investment situated in an area you know well. Maybe you have family, friends or have visited another country. It is much harder to invest in a completely unknown place, but not impossible.

When deciding on a location to buy a rental property, many factors must be taken into account, and to choose wisely, do not make quick decisions. Instead, take the time to devote to a careful and analytical study of the market. Pay attention to all the aspects that a good investment should have, starting with the neighborhood. Then take a good look at the quality of construction, the connection to the city’s main points, and the organization of life in the settlement where the property is located. Assess which details are most important to you. Is it a location, or are you more focused on the luxury of the property itself? Search until you find exactly what you imagined, and keep in mind that at some point, you can always decide to rent the apartment that you are now buying. Finally, when you choose to do that, check other people’s experiences and make sure that your investment is reliable.


It will be practically impossible to find, buy and manage investments from another country on your own. You will save more in the long run if you find local professionals who know the market. You will need a great team to buy and rent real estate for you remotely. As you will probably often be geographically distant from your property, it is crucial that it is always in “safe hands” and that you do not compromise there. Well-informed, organized, and professional agents can do a lot of practical and administrative work for you. Ensure the person you hire is trusted, with good recommendations, experience, and a willingness to take responsibility in your absence. You will avoid the mistake by clearly defining the duties of your agent or manager and setting boundaries and authorities. Whether it provides support during the investment and purchase process or the rental and use of the real estate, the value of such an association is irreplaceable.


The first rule of real estate investing is that your property should provide a steady profit every month after all expenses, such as bills and taxes, have been paid. If the monthly and annual sums of all unavoidable costs do not present a reasonable calculation and do not provide a return on investment, start from the beginning. This calculation is the crucial starting point for any, and especially distance investment. Consider all possible unpredictable situations and choose so that the apartment you buy “works” for you. You should always be in a winning position with real estate! It is essential not only to observe the cash flow when deciding on the area to invest in but also the local economy. Sometimes minimal changes in the criteria when buying will bring greater financial security and provide more significant profits.

Buying property outside the state is a big challenge. However, this is the only way some investors can find properties that lead to the ultimate goal. Estimate all the costs of owning a remote property and perform the calculation so that you are constantly gaining profit!


Before the Internet era, it was almost impossible to know what you were getting into when buying an apartment. The Internet has changed the game when it comes to a more accessible collection of the necessary information. There’s almost nothing you can’t find out with a bit of searching. Whether it’s the reputation of the person you want to hire, the tenant experience, or the rent you can expect, a quick search can provide a treasure of valuable information.

Digital channels have changed the whole aspect of distance investing and real estate investing in general. You can find rent estimates easily through the various sites that make a preliminary search quick and easy. By simply entering the address of a potential building with the number of bedrooms, you can discover what to expect from future profits. In the past, you had no idea what a residential building might look like if you hadn’t traveled to see it. But who today wants to travel thousands of kilometers to see the condition of a residential building? With today’s modern smartphones and with engaged agents, you don’t have to. Ensure investment security at every step!


Meeting all, even the hidden needs of man, is the key to success and has a price that many are willing to pay. Investing in an apartment in Belgrade is the safest decision that could generate passive income even in the next few decades. The growing trend of the price per square meter and the great demand for residential and commercial buildings in Belgrade make the buying decision the right move. Among the most popular types of renting apartments are renting for a day, renting for a longer time, and renting out for business purposes. Common to these apartments is that they are in great demand thanks to their quality and location for both domestic and foreign citizens.

Belgrade Waterfront offers everything that modern, discerning homebuyers desire, regardless of their style, age, or interests. For families with children, the proximity of kindergartens, parks, and children’s playgrounds is crucial. At the same time, adults will appreciate the proximity of markets, restaurants, cultural facilities, and the shopping center Galerija situated within the neighborhood. The services intended for the tenants are formed precisely according to their needs. Every building has an underground garage, which is especially important if you are buying an apartment in the capital.

Belgrade Waterfront offers all of the above and other benefits, such as the closeness to the Sava River and the marvelous Sava Promenade. In addition to exceptional benefits for investors and excellent prices per square meter, this unusual complex stands out due to its attractive location, architectural uniqueness, and organization of life within a single core. Ideal for investing in a solid future, residential units in Belgrade Waterfront offer comfort, convenience, and luxury of living.

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