The Rituals of The St. Regis – a glimpse into the world of absolute luxury

The Rituals of The St. Regis – a glimpse into the world of absolute luxury

More than a century ago, John Jacob Astor IV decided to redefine luxury by turning his vision of a hotel into reality in the most exclusive residential area of ​​19th century New York, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street. In September 1904, the hotel brand St. Regis was born. This iconic project will introduce the legacy of St. Regis Hotels & Resorts to Serbia for the first time with its rich heritage of tradition, innovation and luxury. Part of Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of 30 extraordinary brands, The St. Regis Belgrade will introduce a new standard of hospitality to the region, defined by refined taste-making, modern indulgence and iconic celebrations.

With an elegant fusion of tradition and distinct bespoke services, tailored to the needs of guests and residents, St. Regis remains a place where indulgence meets sophistication.

Bloody Mary cocktail, Sabrage Evening Ritual, Afternoon Tea and Midnight Supper are the unique rituals by which St. Regis is world-famous and will soon be enjoyed by visitors of The St. Regis Belgrade, as well as the owners of branded residences at The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade.

Bloody Mary cocktail

The Bloody Mary ritual started in 1934 when famed barman Fernand Petiot perfected his recipe for a vodka and tomato juice cocktail at The St. Regis New York’s legendary King Cole® Bar. The Bloody Mary remains the signature cocktail of the St. Regis brand. To celebrate this unique piece of brand’s history, in addition to the original classic cocktail, The St. Regis Belgrade will craft its own unique, local interpretation, offering another memorable experience.

Sabrage Evening Ritual

The St. Regis Belgrade’s Sabrage Evening Ritual is to mark the transition from day to evening, designed to create a unique, daily social event where the guests are invited to come together and experience the legacy of celebration as would Caroline Astor when gathering her friends and family for a toast with champagne opened by a sabre.

The afternoon tea became a favourite pastime of many luminaries, including Mrs. Astor, who adopted the tradition at The St. Regis New York. For her, afternoon tea was a joyful occasion and an opportunity to host gatherings with close friends as a prelude to her grand galas. Today, this remains a quintessential St. Regis tradition. Keeping with the Belgrade culture of gathering and socialising around tea and coffee, The St. Regis Belgrade will offer guests an impeccable selection of refreshments and pastries in the inviting and intimate setting of our Patisserie and library.

Midnight Supper

One of the most exclusive and intimate St. Regis rituals is the Midnight Supper, dedicated to Caroline Astor. The concept originated in New York during the 19th century when the inventive Mrs. Astor hosted invitation-only dinner parties that lasted well into the night.

Opening in 2023, The St. Regis Belgrade will bring these rituals to life for the first time in Serbia, offering a chance for locals and guests the opportunity to experience first-hand at one of the most exquisite new addresses in the region.

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