The past two years have drastically changed everyday life and made significant changes in many people’s lives. The biggest of them brought us back to the concept of having a family home. Differences in global demand in terms of real estate also speak of a robust global transformation. But what are buyers looking for and expecting from their new home in 2022?

Balance of business and private life

We have been facing a new challenge: combining business and private life for some time now. Priorities and needs have been different for a long time, and nowadays we are forced to turn the family home into an office and a meeting room, provide space and an adequate work atmosphere, alongside an area for a fulfilled life. The rooms that used to be storage rooms or auxiliary spaces, with the help of layout and adjustment, became offices. The pandemic way of life has not progressed much this year either, and thus at the beginning of the year, the imperative has stayed the same: to achieve the best possible balance between work and private life. Many already formed and emerging families estimate that they need more space for a comfortable life in a new apartment. The real estate market is experiencing serious growth, and the demand for larger apartments has consequently increased. In addition to the basic wishes regarding the layout, quality of construction, and location, now a new wish has emerged – the need for additional working space. This case is not isolated, and situations in which people demand an apartment of several square meters – have become common. Many companies and entrepreneurs have left rented business premises forever and adopted work from home as a permanent solution. Work from home saves a lot of money and brings exceptional comfort that we do not have in the offices, so many have gladly adopted it. The choice of real estate now depends on its ability to provide an adequate working area as well.

Living space of extensive square footage

Apart from the fact that it is easier for people to adapt to work from home, large areas in terms of square meters bring a certain relief, which is especially important nowadays; and that relief is peace! Spacious and adequately separated, well-insulated rooms allow us to work and hold meetings in an appropriate atmosphere. With high ceilings and great functionality, apartments in the BW Eterna building in the Elements complex in Belgrade Waterfront offer a choice of apartments with one to four bedrooms. And more than enough space to arrange your work corner while leaving enough space for your family. If you like cascading apartment buildings, you will be delighted by the BW Scala building, which is surrounded by greenery and is close to the Sava Promenada, which is ideal for a morning walk or jog before the working day starts. The apartments in this building, which will be sold out soon, depending on your choice, contain up to several oriented rooms so that you can enjoy the natural environment during work. The four BW Quartet buildings are designed with the specific intention of combining privacy and work, which allow you to hold all business meetings from the comfort of modern life and the flexibility to organize your workday. Work and personal life come into perfect balance, and everything you need for a fulfilled day is in your immediate environment. If you are one step away from a decision that will change your life, explore the new buildings of BW Echo, BW Sensa, and BW Lumia.

Nature at your fingertips

The most significant number of buyers will opt for real estate that offers a natural environment and greenery and leaves space for a healthy life outdoors. The new building in the Belgrade Waterfront complex, BW Sensa, will perfectly reconcile the need for a balance between business and private time! Ideal for a symbiosis of relaxed life and work, BW Sensa offers an excellent source of daylight and peace under the auspices of a park where you may work. Quiet and safe, this building provides you with plenty of opportunities for relaxation, as it is only a few minutes on foot from the famous Sava Promenada. You may use your family time in the best possible way with recreation, rest, or relaxation after working hours with the beauty of the Sava River! With life in the BW Sensa building, you will be surrounded by ideal conditions in which your lifestyle finds its niche every day! This eight-story building leaves you with a choice – from studios to four-bedroom apartments to a penthouse apartment on the top floor. Depending on the position of the apartment, the view extends to the park or the picturesque inner courtyard. An ideal Zen zone for work, good focus, and concentration!

Urban and tucked away at the same time

At the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube, with the Sava Park in the middle, Belgrade Waterfront has its two sides. One is tailored to our natural needs and puts health, well-being, and the balance we desperately need at the forefront. One step away from it are schools, kindergartens, Galerija, restaurants, and central squares, with which the experience of hedonism is changing and gaining a whole new dimension. Another benefit is that within the neighborhood itself, many restaurants provide the opportunity to take your business partners to a phenomenal lunch when needed. As an urban and business center of the city, Belgrade Waterfront is exceptionally well connected with the rest of the capital. The principal city points can be reached in just a few minutes. The other side is the one that is urban and follows the impulse of the city! An attractive location and innovative architecture as the most outstanding achievement of the 21st century make Belgrade Waterfront the city center that forms an ideal mixture of business and private life. To find out more, research the best purchase terms! Register now, and one of our sales advisors will help you choose the perfect place for you and your family!


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