Leisurely and warm days primarily marked the beginning of the season of buying or equipping a new home. If you are embarking on such a significant life change, continue reading this text to determine what you can expect from the real estate market this spring.

Global circumstances do not change the market

When we thought that an era of changed lifestyles was over, new conflicts shook the world. Everything around us has become more expensive or is gradually becoming more expensive, as evidenced by the data on rising inflation. Indeed you wonder how it is possible to ensure a good financial gain in this unpredictable age? We have good news for you! The real estate market is immune to all changes! Following the pandemic and in line with current global circumstances, demand for real estate has increased, but the long-term growth trend of that interest is more than confident. As the demand obviously will not subside, dizzying changes in the market are inevitable, and if you are planning to buy a new home, you should be prepared for them. The extensive offer of apartments in Belgrade Waterfront will be strengthened, and you will have an even more significant number of properties available. From month to month, the request for new apartments will grow, and the benefits for buyers will be considerable. New BW buildings are being built a lot, and our sales agents are here to bring you closer to their final look and vividly show the view of real-life is brilliantly designed squares.

It is up to you to choose the perfect home!

A quick reaction takes you to your dream home

If you are in the group of potential buyers who have been looking for a new, perfect home for some time, this spring is yours! You could find your dream property right now, close to the city center and all crucial locations – in the Belgrade Waterfront. Global changes and conflicts have strengthened real estate value, so the demand for apartments is higher than ever!

Many people are intensively searching for real estate that would meet all their needs (even new ones imposed, such as a home office), which changes things in the market – because prices are always determined by the supply and demand ratio!

If you have ever considered that the apartment offer is not good enough, the moment that will change your opinion has come. The steps of buying an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront are simple, give you maximum confidence in entering the property and make this big step in life as stress-free as possible. So react in time and don’t let the dream home you’ve been looking for for so long belong to another interested buyer. If you have found the apartment you have been dreaming about, do not hesitate to contact our sales team as soon as possible and start implementing it.

Deciding at the right time is the key to profit

The number of properties entering the market constantly increases, making customer demand very intense and continuously active. To find an apartment that will make you feel better and enrich your everyday life, you are ready to wait, detail, change decisions, and always look for the best possible solution. Waiting to buy a property probably means paying more for it during the year than its current value. Surely you know more stories in which interested buyers were left without the new home they dreamed of because they did not have a quick reaction and decided to invest when the time was ideal. Convenient shopping is in your favor because that way you avoid rising market prices, equally: you profit. Time is money, which real estate persistently proves!

Think long-term – a better price at which you have the opportunity to invest today saves you money and brings even greater profits in the future. The undeniable power of real estate is closely connected with an excellent financial calculation and the right moves at the right time. Apartments in Belgrade Waterfront are designed to quickly adapt to family life and a hybrid model of work that we are still gradually getting used to. We are sure that you will easily find your place in that vision!

Belgrade Waterfront is your ideal start in 2022

2022. brings significant changes to Belgrade Waterfront. What exactly does that mean? This calendar year, the buildings BW Aria, BW Verde, BW Terra, BW Metropolitan, and BW Simfonija will have habitable apartments. Each of the mentioned buildings offers apartments designed to give you a feeling of superior comfort and provide an everyday life that puts your satisfaction, health, and sense of fulfillment and happiness in the foreground. The river’s proximity, essential roads, Futurino kindergarten, schools, landscaped inner courtyards, reception, spacious rooms, shopping center Galerija, restaurants, and shops within the complex save you time, simplify life, and reduce daily stress. Property in the new neighborhood is a significant investment because the demand is high, which automatically increases the value of apartments. According to the plans, the works are going smoothly, and the apartments in the new buildings will be ready for moving in by the end of 2022. If your choice falls on one of these buildings, avoid the last minute and contact our sales team today. Housing loans created especially for Belgrade Waterfront enable the bank loan at a monthly installment starting from EUR 499 in the early construction phase.

Join the satisfied residents in the most modern residential complex in this part of Europe!

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