4000th apartment sold in Belgrade Waterfront

4000th apartment sold in Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade Waterfront celebrated another jubilee – the 4000th apartment was sold in the most contemporary district of Belgrade, on the riverbank of the Sava. For Ana Šupić, immeasurable joy because of the purchase of a new living space was complemented by the fact that she became the owner of the jubilee, 4000th apartment in Belgrade Waterfront.

“We like to come here as a family and walk by the river. We have been following the development of the complex since the beginning of the construction and we really like the buildings, so we wanted to live here”, says Ana, whose family of three chose the BW Echo building for their new home.

They recognized the ideal place for their 8-year-old daughter to grow up and to create new family memories in this eight-story building located near the Sava Park. The artistic and cultural content will be at the fingertips of this young couple and their neighbors, considering that BW Echo is situated in the immediate proximity of the new innovative-creative centre “Lozionica”, within the Park District.

„This part of the development especially attracted me because it is located next to the park, so we will spend a lot of time with our daughter outside, surrounded by greenery. Of course, there are also cafes and Galerija, perfect for going out with friends, shopping or going to cinema”, explains Ana, adding that another great advantage is that she will not have to use transportation for these outings, because everything is within a minutes’ walk.

Asked what she expects from her future life in Belgrade Waterfront, Ana Šupić says that she is excited to be surrounded by so many different opportunities, especially for outdoor activities, and concludes that she is sure that her family will be happy and satisfied here.

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