Parade of decorated vessels at Sava Promenada

Parade of decorated vessels at Sava Promenada

A cheerful carnival atmosphere and a river filled with vessels marked the 14th Belgrade Boat Carnival, held at the Sava Promenada within the Belgrade Waterfront. Specially decorated boats from Belgrade marinas entertained numerous visitors parading between Branko’s Bridge and Gazela Bridge.

While some enjoyed watching a boat carnival on the river from their favourite promenade, others enjoyed a variety of activities, including educational workshops, pirate corners, magicians, acrobats walking on stilts and other activities. The program on the coast also included an eco-zone where visitors had the opportunity to enjoy organic food and home-made products.

This year, famous Serbian music bands were in charge of livening the atmosphere at the Belgrade Boat Carnival. The event concluded with the announcement of the best-decorated boat and with a magnificent fireworks show.

For the last 14 years, Belgrade Boat Carnival has been a unique family event aimed at promoting recreational activities, sports activities and Belgrade’s rivers.


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