Sava Promenada Expanded by an Additional 500 Metres

Sava Promenada Expanded by an Additional 500 Metres

In line with its efforts of supporting the blooming leisure and entertainment industry in Serbia, Eagle Hills has expanded the Sava Promenada by an additional 500 metres. Sava Promenada, which has already hosted a number of creative workshops, concerts, fashion and sports events, has quickly gained a strong position as a renowned touristic and entertainment destination in Serbia, becoming one of the most sought-after outdoor venues for families and friends.

The area features an amphitheatre with an attractive mural located under the old Sava Bridge set to become the ultimate chill-out spot for youngsters as well as an urban outdoor working location for professionals, thanks to its serenity and the public free Wi-Fi.

The new expansion includes two additional playgrounds with the objective of encouraging children’s active, healthy, adventurous and creative lifestyles. The first one is water themed with submarines and shaking boats on the terrace across BW Residences, and the second playground includes swings, a lighthouse-like toboggan and a climbing net located by Sava Play@Sava Promenada – a fun zone in close proximity to the highly anticipated The St. Regis Belgrade and The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade, situated in Kula Belgrade.

While children enjoy the new kids’ play areas, the rest of the family will get the chance to indulge in an eclectic mix of restaurants, modelled in an urban setting of shipping containers, following the successful example of other great cities such as New York, London and Paris, where similar temporary ‘pop-up’ structures have been erected. This new and unique space, designed with colourful shipping containers, offers a mix of experiences of cuisines that cater to all food lovers. From healthy food concepts, such as Cio and Lunch Box to the famous, organic and homemade ice cream by Moritz Eis. Visitors will have the chance to socialise and relax in the exceptional panoramic view of the Sava River from the restaurants’ rooftops.

Sava Play@Sava Promenada also presents a mix of outdoor sporting activities, including an open-air gym and a beach volleyball court, conveniently located at the heart of the city. The area will have a summer activities-packed calendar, and on-ground professional trainers to support sports enthusiasts with training and exercising tips.

Upon full completion, Sava Promenada will span 1.8km and will have a year round pre-planned leisure and entertainment programme to maintain the vibrant and lively atmosphere of this development.


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