SPECIAL HONOR FOR WORLD RENOWNED ARTISTS: Kula Belgrade in the sign of Bocelli and Mariza

SPECIAL HONOR FOR WORLD RENOWNED ARTISTS: Kula Belgrade in the sign of Bocelli and Mariza

Last weekend, animated photos of the world-renowned artists Andrea Bocelli and Mariza were projected on the facade of the Kula Belgrade, the largest building in this part of the world, at a height of 168 meters, in anticipation of the concerts that will be held at the upcoming Belgrade River Fest on July 22nd and 23rd.

In less than three weeks, Belgrade will host the world’s most beloved tenor and fado diva, through concerts that will be held in an open-air concert hall on the banks of the Sava River.

The special and exclusive location, on the plateau of the Geozavod, a building that is the architectural pearl of Belgrade, speaks of the uniqueness of this event, which aims to position Belgrade and Serbia at the center of the cultural map of Europe and the world. The new stage, which will host Andrea Bocelli and Mariza, was created with the vision of presenting the greatest of the worldwide music scene, in an environment that has never been seen before.

Bocelli, who is said to possess the “voice of an angel” and push the limits of world production with each new concert, will perform on July 22nd at the Belgrade River Fest, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the Radio and Television of Serbia, with a specially designed program for this occasion, which will bring together his greatest hits and well-known classical music compositions.

On the second evening of the festival, which is held at the Belgrade Waterfront, a concert by the fado diva Mariza is announced to be held, whose music evokes the deepest emotions, and her every move on stage conquers and seduces.

Although she has already performed six times in Belgrade, this concert of hers will be special due to the superb stage and production conditions, which will provide the audience with a special sense of enjoyment and a new experience of the world-famous artist. “Rosa branca”, “Meu fado Meu”, “Gente de Minha Terra” are just some of the fado hits with which Mariza will warm the hearts of the audience in Belgrade and make July 23rd  remain forever in the memory of all those who will be part of the Belgrade River Fest that evening.

The outdoor concert hall will consist of a massive stage “leaning” on the Sava Promenade, and all seats in the auditorium will be divided into 4 zones: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. A limited number of tickets for the Belgrade River Fest are available at all Ticket Vision counters and online via www.tickets.rs.

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