Temporary Relocation of Sava Promenada Bicycle Track

Temporary Relocation of Sava Promenada Bicycle Track

• Part of the bicycle track from Old Sava bridge to 100m downstream from Gazela Bridge, 1.365m long, will be temporarily relocated
• Cyclists will be provided with detoured track – enclosed, safe and illuminated along entire length
• Detour is temporary, until the end of construction works within first phase of the Belgrade Waterfront project

Belgrade, December 28 – Part of the bicycle track from Old Sava Bridge up until 100m downstream from Gazela Bridge will be temporarily relocated due to construction works within the first phase of the Belgrade Waterfront project. The closed section of the bicycle track is 1.365m long, while the detoured alternative is only 300 meters longer.

Construction works on the Belgrade Waterfront project will not intervene with the activities of Belgrade’s cyclists, since the detour opened today provides a paved two-way bicycle track 1.665m long, marked with horizontal and vertical signalization. The track will be enclosed, in order to provide unobstructed and safe passage for all cyclists. The entire length of the detour will be illuminated, so bicyclists will have a safe cycling environment in the evening and at night.

City Architect Milutin Folic and representatives of Belgrade Waterfront shared current and future plans regarding bicycle traffic within the development project at a meeting with representatives of bicycle associations on Monday, December 28. The discussions also touched upon ideas and suggestions about how to further improve the collaboration.

The Spatial Plan will keep bicycle corridors along the left and right back of the Sava River, as well as the lanes over Branko’s Bridge. The plan also foresees bicycle and pedestrian tracks on both sides of the Old Sava Bridge.

The Belgrade Waterfront project will maintain the continuity of the bicycle corridor Dorcol – Ada Ciganlija as well, connecting it to all new tracks planned in the Sava amphitheatre. In turn, this will provide opportunities to increase the share of bicycle traffic in the total traffic volume of the city. The minimal width of the bicycle track for two way traffic, according to the Spatial Plan, will be 3 meters and for one way traffic 1.1 meters.

A new and reconstructed track along the original route will open after construction works in the first phase of the “Belgrade Waterfront” project are over.

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