Only a few days ago, the golden season – autumn – arrived in our still busy capital. And not only is the weather still warm, but the whole city has gained some new freshness with the late summer sun, which gives a unique charm to every autumn detail.

Autumn days in the Belgrade neighborhood

Although many experience autumn as a quick transition to the winter season, the city of Belgrade still offers many activities that make this season special. During September, many exciting events, available to everyone, are taking place in Belgrade Waterfront.Cultural events in kvART enrich the cultural life of both residents and visitors of Belgrade by holding numerous exhibitions, sculpture displays, concerts, theatre plays, fashion shows, workshops, etc. Also, you can enjoy visiting some of the restaurants and cafes that offer excellent service and delicious food, all with a view of the most beautiful Belgrade promenade – Sava Promenada.

The best for the youngest

Everything that makes up a perfect and fulfilled day is right here – in the center of all city events – Belgrade Waterfront. For all parents who want to give their children maximum enjoyment, and at the same time take some time for themselves, this neighborhood is an ideal solution given the large number of activities it offers. Suppose you have not yet bought all the necessities for the beginning of the school year, or you want to renew your autumn wardrobe. In that case, Galerija Belgrade shopping center will offer you a wide selection of everything you want at that moment. What makes our little ones even happier is the Cineplexx cinema in the largest shopping center in Serbia. On this month’s repertoire, you will find  “PAW Patrol“, “The Boss Baby: Family Business“, “Ainbo – Spirit of the Amazon“, and “Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure” animated movies. Also, some of the additional benefits of the Belgrade Waterfront are parks and greenery, the proximity of the river, the promenade that leads to Ada Ciganlija, rollerblading, or cycling space. Perfect for autumn’s days’ activities!

The Sava River in autumn

The main feature of the Belgrade Waterfront and the high quality of housing units is undoubtedly the modern experience of living on the banks of the Sava River. It provides undisputed beauty to this part of the city and gives a unique charm to the apartments with extraordinary views and terraces, which can be the best investment of your life. In addition, if you are planning to have or you already have children, one of the most beautiful things you can do for them is to ensure a carefree and happy childhood.The infrastructure of the new Belgrade district is designed to provide your children with an ideal environment for a healthy and active life. The plan of the building complex offers a significant children’s infrastructure in the form of a community park with a children’s playground, the Sava Park with over 140 trees, landscaped lawns, and numerous sports and recreational facilities that children can enjoy during the autumn days after returning from school. Another good thing is that the complex is located near the city center with a large selection of educational institutions, so you will not waste time on transportation, and your child will have more time to play.

Safe and carefree childhood

Child safety at every step is undoubtedly something you need to pay special attention to. In Belgrade Waterfront buildings, the safety of children is taken care of by professional security within the housing complex, so you will be able to enjoy your parenting without worries. Each part of the neighborhood is also surrounded by security fences, both on the balconies within the residential building and along the entire length of the Sava Promenade. Together with the river, it makes a perfect place for every sunny September day. Excited and mischievous children will be able to express their nature through play and entertainment, run, laugh, and enjoy the spacious parks and trails while you relax within the many features that the Belgrade Waterfront neighborhood has to offer.

A dream apartment in a magical part of town

Residential buildings in Belgrade Waterfront are designed according to the unique needs of modern times, with one of them being the need to have everything at our fingertips and close to the apartment. However, even when we are big fans of urban and modern life, there are some moments when we want to be surrounded by a beautiful natural environment and silence that brings peace and escape from everyday life. If you are a book lover, another thing that will give you exceptional peace and tranquility is reading while sitting on one of the landscaped plateaus near the Sava Promenada. A fantastic view, silence, and a gentle breeze will make a part of your free time special.

Autumn is the right time for your first apartment purchase

After showing you what an ideal life looks like within the new Belgrade neighborhood, the inevitable question of finances comes. Loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront can be obtained at an early stage of construction, at a monthly installment of as little as EUR 499. This housing loan allows you to resolve your housing issue quickly! It is unique because, according to standard practice, banks approve loans for new buildings only when 80% of the construction works are done. At this moment, we have a new apartments selection, so you can choose your perfect home in BW Arcadia or BW Aurora buildings – and move in this fall.

Let the new apartment be yours now!

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