Love is one of the purest and most beautiful feelings that elevates us and gives us everything we dream of in our hearts. February is the month of love, and we celebrate love!

Love is everywhere around us

There are these different types of love, and each is special in its way; each makes a person happy and fulfilled, brings warmth to his heart, and gives him a sense of security and tenderness. We, as humans, were created to love: our family, friends, art, music, homeland, travel, ourself. All those kinds of love that move us and fill our life makes it an integral part of our being. Every person carries this love deep inside and does not allow anyone to endanger it. And each of these types of love is selfless and never stops. It is all around us, especially now that we celebrate February 14, Valentine’s Day, with our loved ones.

The impact of love on life

When we want something enough, we easily achieve it. We just need a little encouragement – and it is love. For the sake of love, we are ready for everything, and every day it makes us reconsider our future goals and do something more for ourselves and our loved ones. When we are at the very beginning of starting a family, we remember how it was a long time ago when our parents did the same and tried their best to provide us with a good life. And we copied that on ourselves. All young couples need security, a piece of their harmony, and a place to build their future. And right out of the desire to provide love and warmth, Belgrade Waterfront has become a place that offers all the necessities for a fulfilled family life.

The life you dream of

Important steps in life are preceded by the decision to give our best every day. Love for the family is the strongest and makes us achieve a life worth living with all our might.The new neighborhood, spreading on the banks of the Sava River, offers perfect moments every day. The warmth of home and the warmth of the family inseparably form a whole that binds us with a unique thread. Apartments in Belgrade Waterfront are designed to meet all the family’s needs. Each building is surrounded by greenery necessary for a healthy and peaceful life. In the immediate vicinity is the Sava Promenada, with a long and well-maintained pedestrian zone suitable for walking, cycling, or rollerblading. The whole experience is enhanced by an unreal view of the river and other parts of the capital. Also, there is a significant children’s infrastructure in the neighborhood itself that encourages active play and satisfaction of your youngest. The proximity of the Futurino kindergarten and primary and secondary schools is also a relief for all parents. In addition, the perfect location allows for minimal waste of time when leaving and arriving from work, so you will have enough free time to enjoy yourself with your family.

Choose a family-friendly apartment

The quality of construction, luxury equipment, location, proximity to all amenities, and countless other possibilities make Belgrade Waterfront apartment unique compared to other real estate offers. The highest quality standards in construction, discreet architecture and top-quality development will make you happy with your purchase in the years to come. Everyone who aspires to an urban way of life would also like to be surrounded by the impeccable silence of nature and things that bring peace and balance. As life in the capital is urban and fast, this balance was one of the main goals that inspired the Belgrade Waterfront project. In an exciting environment, residents of the neighborhood will have the opportunity to enjoy the new shopping center Galerija, the largest shopping, gastronomic and entertainment destination, and the breathtaking view from the Kula Belgrade, the tallest building in the region. In addition to being one of the most exclusive and dynamic locations, this neighborhood also provides excellent connections with other parts of the city. It is close to the center, has a direct exit to Gazela, and has easy access to the E-75 highway, while at a shorter distance is the Sava Bridge, the fastest route to New Belgrade. Also, many bus and tram stops are not far from the neighborhood.

Happy life in the heart of events

The priceless feeling of nature in the very center of the city is just one of the many advantages of living in the buildings of BW Eterna, BW Aqua, BW Verde, and BW Terra. For young couples, life in Belgrade Waterfront will also offer the possibility of a night out. You will always be close to the apartment and children, yet you will be able to relax in the most beautiful restaurants and bars on the river bank. An exceptional variety of food and drinks, with a view of the river illuminated by the city lights, will make each of your date nights incredibly romantic. An exclusive and modern neighborhood allows you to tailor the future for yourself and your loved ones to the standards of a modern family. Made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront, early-stage construction loans make it easier to get to the property you always dreamed of. You will have a wider choice of available apartments, given that a large number of buildings within the complex are in various stages of construction. It is a rare opportunity to purchase a new apartment with a housing loan in the early construction stage, and the monthly installment starts at only EUR 499. This offer is a significant relief, given that in standard practice for housing loans for new construction, the loan is approved not before the building is 80% complete. It has never been easier to reach the highest living standards out of love!

Love moves the world, and Belgrade Waterfront moves a new life in the city center!

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