Happiness is not the same for everyone. And happiness is such a special feeling. Although not everyone experiences it the same way, it always remains the most beautiful feeling of life fulfillment.

Every period of life tells a story

Every part of our time makes life in general. And life is always so unpredictable. Over the past two years, we have experienced one of the most stressful periods in recent history caused by the Covid19 virus. We have never thought that the whole planet would be affected and our lives changed. Many of us spent more time at home due to the pandemic, which led us to re-evaluate what our home lacks and how much we value private space. We moved the work from the office to our homes, and it was necessary to get used to an entirely new way of working and functioning in different conditions. Indeed, we realized that we needed more space, peace, and quiet to work from home. And for many who live with family or children, it wasn’t easy to establish an ordinary course. How ready are we now for new changes, but the changes that the pandemic has taught us?

Your home is your safe haven

We all need our patch of peace and security in life. And the present has shown us that we need a home in which we will create all the crucial moments. And as it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain finance and purchase opportunities, Belgrade Waterfront has provided housing loans in agreement with Sberbank. Your secure future has never been so close because the monthly installment starts from EUR 499. If you’ve discovered that your current home doesn’t meet all of your needs, you may be wondering if it’s time to find a new one? Whether you are a tenant or want a home with different functionalities than the previous one, the spring period is ideal for purchasing! The movement could be precisely the new experience you were looking for, a new life and a future. Therefore, approach your decision carefully and explore all the offered possibilities. Buying an apartment is a significant life change, and it is not a decision that you should make lightly, but if you put on the paper what you want and how much you can afford, there is no need for waiting. If you are wondering whether this move would bring you more luck or not, it is essential to explore the right choices and to find out more and discuss your options. Contact our real estate agent, who will explain the purchase process and introduce you to all properties on offer. Your home is waiting for you!

A dream life for complete happiness

Small things can make you happy, but when creating a home for you and your family, all the feelings go to a whole new level. You know you have done a lot when you can make your loved ones happy. Owning real estate is always a good thing in the years to come. You understand that this property will be in your children’s hands and, later, maybe your grandchildren. What remains of you is what is valuable and what counts, and in addition, your life in a new apartment will ensure that all your needs are met. Also, you should always think about your lifestyle and what you hope to gain from this move. Think about what needs are not being met in your current home and what you want from your new home. An ideal location, a larger area, a terrace with a view, and a place for children to play? If these are the items you want to fulfill, some of the apartments in the new buildings of BW King’s Park, BW Sensa, and BW Echo offer just that. Belgrade Waterfront is a highly well-positioned neighborhood so that you can be close to all city events. You also have spacious parks, an inner courtyard, and the Sava Promenada that provides many options for a fulfilled day. Keep asking yourself which characteristics would bring more joy and make your life easier? We know that proximity of shops, kindergartens and schools, the shopping center Galerija and other facilities make life easier in the neighborhood because everything you need is at your fingertips. If you decide to spend your free time by the river, you will be surprised by many activities such as rollerblading or cycling, walking, or lunch right by the shore in one of the restaurants and bars nearby. All you need to do is fulfill your dreams just when you find the home you envisioned.

Say “YES” to your new life

Then, when the fantasy comes to an end, it is necessary to take the main steps and the matter into your own hands. The characteristics of a new apartment are not the only thing to consider. Think about what makes you happy and give it a priority in your search for a home. Moving in can provide a new beginning and an opportunity to find the happiness you have been looking for. And satisfaction is what we all strive for and what is truly and only necessary in life.

Belgrade Waterfront is a perfect place that offers a good location, quality, functionality, attractive facilities, proximity to the center, tucked away nature and rivers, peace and urbanity, and countless opportunities for your new life.

Bring happiness to yourself and your loved ones this spring!

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