The security we strive for when buying an apartment is the most significant motive for moving in quickly. We dream of a decorated home that will be exclusively ours. However, with such a significant investment in a better tomorrow, there is no need to hurry. This article will reveal what you can expect when buying and the approximate period required to buy the best property.

Identify what you want from the investment (1-2 weeks)

Initial ideas and aspirations will greatly help you to find what you have imagined. Still, identifying what you want is more than just considering bedrooms and bathrooms. The first thing you need to decide is the type of property: Will your next home be a family house, an apartment, or a prefabricated house? Do you need more square meters because you are planning to expand your family? If so, you should pay special attention to this so you can organize your life in the new home following the family affinities and free time that each family member needs for themselves. Consider whether it is better to invest in a brand new building or an older building. These questions will shorten the list and allow you to know what to pay special attention to when searching. What is essential for families with children is the proximity of kindergartens and educational institutions to provide the best for your children. Nowadays, when we all strive for a balance between the private and business segment of life, it is crucial to choose a location that will allow you to balance between obligations and time for the family. Lastly, please pay attention to the neighborhood and talk to their residents to discuss their satisfaction with investment or living in a particular area. Consider all these criteria and put all your needs and wishes in writing, so this part of the preparation for the purchase will take you not more than one to two weeks.

Consider your finances (3 weeks)

What matters and what will ultimately create your final decision is the budget you have at your disposal. Calculate your finances carefully and put down on paper how much money you can invest. Do you want to buy an apartment with bank loans or directly from investors? Are you buying an apartment in a new building under construction or a decades-old building? These questions are important because their answers will affect your budget and give you a better orientation. Next, define the purpose of the apartment. Will it be a new home for your family, real estate for rent, office space, a short stay rent apartment, or something completely different? The size and arrangement of the apartment will depend on the purpose. If you opt for a bank loan, you will be pleased with the information that you can now choose housing loans made exclusively for apartments in Belgrade Waterfront. You can get a bank loan for a new home in the early stage of construction, with monthly installment starting from EUR 499. This relief is significant because the standard practice of banks is that loans are only approved when buildings are 60 to 80 percent completed.

Determining the method of payment (3-5 weeks)

The time frame estimated for the decision on the affordability of the investment assumes that you have a good bank loan offer or you already have money saved. If your credit rating is lower than average, it might be worth the effort to spend extra time improving it to provide better loan conditions. Either way, the payment method will significantly affect the overall period for the purchase. Once you determine the form and possibility of getting a housing loan, the procedure for submitting a request and obtaining a pre-approved offer can be different, so it is best to do it a few weeks before the final decision on the purchase.In accordance with the purpose of buying, whether you plan to buy an apartment in Belgrade or another city, take a good look at the neighborhood – its traffic connection to the vital city points, the environment, the proximity of kindergartens, and educational institutions, and markets.Also, find out more about building maintenance contracts and costs. All these details affect the quality of your investment! The advantage of a cleverly chosen location and well-organized space opens up more possibilities if you decide to rent at some point. Always think ahead and choose a practical and multi-purpose property. These steps will undoubtedly take you a couple of weeks, most likely 3 to 5, depending on the payment method and bank procedures.

Investigate investor reliability (2 weeks)

Before you decide to buy, research the reliability of investors and the quality of construction. If you are purchasing a property in the capital, you will have a great choice in front of you, so inquire about everything we have previously listed. To make the final choice as safe as possible, check all the information and ask questions. The Internet offers excellent opportunities today so that you can explore existing experiences with investors on social networks, in closed groups, or online forums. One of the most important criteria that you must pay special attention to is the quality of construction in which you will invest money. Buying an apartment is a serious investment that has to meet all the standards you set at the beginning. Choose the apartment that represents a long-term investment for a better tomorrow. Modern electricity and heating systems, smart living concepts, materials used in construction and interior, environmentally sustainable housing, and settlements to make everyday life easier are significant advantages.When it comes to property offers in Belgrade, it can match those in the wealthiest countries. Namely, Belgrade Waterfront is the winner of the European Property Award in the category “Best Mixed Purpose Project”  for two years in a row now. An independent jury of 80 real estate experts rated the best nominated European projects and gave evaluations based on design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and sustainability. So when you make significant investment decisions, opt for quality, reliability, and safety of the property that will change your way of life.

Finding and purchasing a dream property (40-80 days)

The hunt for the ideal property can often be the most time-consuming part of the purchase. Even though you have a clear idea of the “perfect home” in your head, there are a handful of other factors (besides bank loans) that affect how long it takes to find the home you want. Keep in mind that it takes at least 40 days to make a purchase, assuming that everything goes without unforeseen circumstances. Compiling a wish list for buying a home, budget calculations, arranging personal documents, and a quick search can help you achieve everything in a short time. Keep in mind that the purchase can take longer than 40 to 80 days, depending on the overall situation! But don’t worry about that because the most important thing is to be sure of your investment. Good luck!

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