The opinion that was established among one segment of the public is that an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront is a luxury beyond the reach of most. It is true, in fact, that in this exclusive location, a new apartment can be bought at prices lower even than those reached by old apartments in certain city municipalities. For example, in the first quarter of 2023, the most expensive square meter of an old building reached a price of almost 4,800 euros in the municipality of Stari grad, while in Belgrade Waterfront it can be bought at the lowest price of 2,950 euros + VAT. It is also lower than new construction in other central parts of Belgrade, and for that amount, you get a lifestyle that does not exist in any other part of Belgrade.

Complexes like Belgrade Waterfront, which have everything you need for life in one place, practically within walking distance, are increasingly popular worldwide for obvious reasons. In the most attractive location in Belgrade, residents have everything within reach – from schools and kindergartens, through cultural and sports facilities to Galerija, the largest shopping, entertainment, and gastronomic destinations in the region of Southeast Europe.

It’s possible without a car

One of the important advantages of this settlement is the excellent traffic connection with other parts of the city. In a few minutes, you can reach Slavija and the business part of New Belgrade. In the hinterland of Sava Square, there will be a metro station where the first two lines of the future metro will cross, so it will be an excellent choice for people who don’t have a car or don’t want to use it unless absolutely necessary. That aspect is very important for ecologically conscious citizens who are looking to change their lifestyles to reduce pollution of the planet, in which cars have a significant share.

Price is an important factor when considering the purchase of the real estate, but the second tip of the scale should be what you get “in the package”. Starting from 2,950 euros + VAT per square meter, families can get an apartment in a building with a reception, security, and a private landscaped yard located in the immediate vicinity of Sava Park, Sava Promenada, Galerija, numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants.

We are talking about an offer that is competitive and even lower than the price of new construction in other, less attractive locations in Belgrade. Residents also have underground garages at their disposal, the price of which is also competitive and starts from EUR 20,400 per parking space.

Sava Square reconstruction

Family respite in the embrace of nature

Especially attractive for families with small children are the new buildings in Savska Street, which are relatively low-rise and have apartments with larger square footage that look directly on Sava Park or a quiet private courtyard. They will have all the facilities necessary for the education and entertainment of the little ones at their fingertips. A state-of-the-art state school with bilingual education, sports fields, and next to it, the most modern state kindergarten.

A special advantage is the proximity of Sava Park, a green oasis as big as four football fields, where at any time of the day you can take a break in the embrace of nature with children and pets. Nearby will be the most modern sports center in the city, BW Apollo, the most modern sports center in the city, which has facilities suitable for both adults and children. In the park, they have at their disposal modern sports and recreational furniture, as well as a jogging track that extends around the entire park. When they want to take a long walk or ride a bike and rollerblade, the most beautiful promenade in Belgrade is in their neighborhood – Sava Promenada.

As in the world’s metropolises

Belgrade Waterfront is the favorite choice of our fellow citizens who often travel or live abroad because here they recognize the standards they are used to in the big world metropolises. At the entrance to each building, there is a spacious, illuminated lobby, every detail of which has been carefully designed and coordinated with the entire interior. In addition to standard maintenance inquiries, you can ask the friendly reception staff to book transportation, tickets for various events, or a doctor’s appointment. The maintenance service ensures that everything in the building functions flawlessly: any malfunctions are repaired immediately, and the corridors and other common areas are cleaned regularly.

We should not neglect the enchanting view of the main landmarks of the city: on the one hand, Kalemegdan Fortress, and on the other, Kula Belgrade as a new symbol of the capital. The walkway will lead from Galerija directly to the tallest building in Serbia and the region. Visitors will soon be able to enjoy the magnificent view from the observation deck on the 41st floor, as well as at the foot of Kula and Kula plaza, the future new centre of the city’s events. Sava Promenada has long since become a favorite city promenade where something is always happening, from street festivals and exhibitions to exclusive opera evenings and concerts by world music stars.

So far, within the project, close to 6,000 apartments have been sold, and around 3,000 have been moved into. By the end of this year, three more buildings with almost 600 apartments will be completed. In parallel, work is being done on the construction of new traffic roads and on greening, so that the once neglected part of the Sava coast is getting a completely new look.

When all this is taken into account, it is clear that new apartments a step away from the river with a price of 2,950 euros per square meter offer much more than some other locations in the capital of Serbia. They meet all the prerequisites of quality housing, especially for buyers who are not only looking for real estate but an entire environment that will suit their lifestyle needs and habits.

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