More And More Foreigners Are Buying Apartments In Belgrade, And Here Is Why

More And More Foreigners Are Buying Apartments In Belgrade, And Here Is Why

Due to its unusual beauty, excellent geographical position, attractive sites, and opportunities, Belgrade is an increasingly common choice of foreigners who buy real estate in Serbia. What exactly is their motive for purchasing an apartment in our capital?

Business investment opportunities

An increasing number of international companies are opening their representative offices in Belgrade, making our capital an attractive place for business investments. As a perfect intersection of east and west, Belgrade has a highly qualified educational workforce. Educated experts and Belgrade’s openness to modern business flows attract foreigners – investors, business people and those looking for an adequate place to work and live. Business opportunities are snowballing, and capital is an increasingly common meeting place for investors. As the center of many seminars, congresses, and presentations, this city offers many employment opportunities, gaining new contacts and opportunities for additional investment. It is business-oriented towards recent trends and suitable for businesses looking for a dynamic and futuristically oriented work team and associates. Named the regional epicenter of business events, Belgrade is attractive to foreign investors who consider it profitable and economically advanced. The proximity of other European countries and Serbia’s connection with them facilitate possible international cooperation and bring openness to the development of all branches of the economy.

Ideal conditions for a quality life

There is almost no foreigner who has not fallen in love with Belgrade! Its charming streets, the richness of cultural and educational institutions, the proximity of rivers, and the mountains keep the intrigued visitor interested. Exciting sites and events, unique urbanity of the city, culture, history, and hospitality, for which Serbia is widely known, attract foreigners open to hedonism and research. People from all over the world are additionally won over by the city’s rich gastronomic offer and the immediacy and openness of the community. Belgrade does not rest, but we can have rest and fun in one, which is an ideal way of life for foreigners, so they are often ready to change their residence in the long run.

Modern living and working conditions attract proactive residents from the rest of Europe, and they are increasingly deciding to buy real estate in Belgrade. The quality of real estate offer in the city leaves future owners with a great choice, while the ease of purchase strengthens the final decision. Belgrade’s infrastructure and urbanism frequently change, proving to newcomers how progressive this city is.

Known for exciting and different life experiences, Belgrade meets all the expectations of adventurers and innovation lovers. Apart from being the residence of highly qualified experts from Serbia and the region, Belgrade is also a new desirable location for an increasing number of foreign citizens, offering them fresh and unusual experiences. Everything is located in the center of White City, on the banks of the Sava and Danube rivers, next to the Belgrade Waterfront neighborhood. With its luxurious and modern appearance, this complex is becoming a new symbol of Belgrade and an increasingly common location for tourists and citizens.

Real estate prices are constantly rising

Thanks to the great demand that does not lessen, apartment prices in Belgrade are constantly rising, day by day. The current pandemic did not slow down the real estate market and reduce prices. It increased them, which was also influenced by the increase in the price of construction materials. Despite these changes, the number of Belgrade citizens is growing yearly, strengthening it in business and economic terms. All these circumstances make the White City attractive for living and create the constant demand for real estate. It guarantees that Belgrade will be a sought-after and popular place to live for decades to come. The city has a clear vision of the future, paving its way to one of the most progressive cities in Europe, making it attractive for foreigners. Affordable real estate in a city of millions, approaching the rank of major world metropolises, is appealing for foreigners to live in and a place for long-term investment. Newly built apartments, constructed according to the latest architectural solutions, are an investment that can only increase its value over time. Investing in real estate in Belgrade can generate passive income in the next few decades.

Security of real estate investment

Real estate investing is now safer than ever! Although the global pandemic has changed the world, the value of money through real estate has reached unprecedented heights. Viewed as a project and investment place, Belgrade Waterfront completes a way of life attractive to foreigners. The city’s new core is a micro-city, organized to meet the demands of the urban citizen who puts the quality of life first. The new concept of life, created to fulfill the needs of its residents, and the proximity of the river, give the property a whole new meaning. Buying an apartment in this unique area excludes all additional investments and saves your money and time because you get the property that is move-in ready. Excellent connection of Belgrade Waterfront with the rest of the city and its key locations increases the stability of your investment and guarantees that the purchased apartment will always have a high value. Applying the principles of sustainable urban development has enhanced Belgrade Waterfront with a modern promenade and an environment modified for sports, recreation, and a healthy lifestyle, which is a benefit that is always on the price!

An easy way to invest

Impressions of foreigners reveal that they compare Belgrade with the most visited and most attractive cities in Europe. Those who have already bought real estate in it are one step ahead!Become a proud owner of real estate in Belgrade Waterfront, where the square meter of living space can be purchased for as little as EUR 2,950, including VAT. Those who plan to buy an apartment will be pleased to learn about additional benefits – housing loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront. Thanks to it, you can get a bank loan for a new home at an early stage of construction, at a monthly installment starting from EUR 499.

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