Once under swamps and ponds, later under railways, wagons, and accompanying logistics, the area around Savska Street in the past could not be classified as one of the nicer parts of Belgrade. Today, this entire area on the right bank of the Sava is changing a lot, and together with it, Savska is becoming one of the most attractive streets not only in the new city centre – the Belgrade Waterfront neighborhood – but also in the entire capital of Serbia.

For now, the reconstruction of the roadway has been completed, and the greening of the sidewalks are on the way. When new buildings are built within Belgrade Waterfront, Savska will pulsate with the spirit of the new, modern Belgrade, which permeates the history embodied in the magnificent buildings on Sava Square.

Life in touch with nature

One of the biggest transformations that this area is going through is very visible – every spring it gets greener and greener. Three hundred saplings of various trees were planted on the edge of Sava Square. In addition, the future tenants of the buildings along Savska street – BW Quartet 1BW Quartet 2BW Quartet 3BW Quartet 4BW LumiaBW EchoBW SensaBW Eterna  – will have a green oasis in their neighborhood that they would be the envy of the inhabitants of the world’s largest metropolises. The Sava Park, which occupies the area of ​​four football fields, provides what every resident of the metropolis needs today, which is at least fifteen minutes of peace, away from the hustle and noise, in the embrace of nature, which has a beneficial effect on mental health.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art sports and recreational facilities and jogging tracks around this park has, residents of the surrounding buildings can replace the gym with outdoor exercise whenever the weather conditions permit. Everyone who has children and pets can spend quality time here, and when they want to take a long walk or ride a bicycle and rollerblade, the most beautiful promenade in Belgrade is in their neighborhood – Sava Promenada.

An ideal family nest

Proximity to the park is a special advantage for anyone looking for a quality and comfortable apartment for a family. In the new buildings in Savska, they will have at their fingertip’s other facilities necessary for the education and entertainment of the little ones. A state-of-the-art state school with bilingual education, sports fields, and next to it a modern kindergarten, so that Savska Street and the entire surrounding area will soon be alive with cheerful children’s noise.

Otherwise, what distinguishes the new buildings in Savska is that they are relatively low-rise, with apartments of larger square footage. Everyone who chooses a home in them will enjoy the view from the terrace directly to Sava Park or to a quiet private yard, where the little ones can also play safely.

On foot in the new, green neighborhood

In addition to schools and kindergartens, many other facilities are within reach, which allows residents to easily carry out their daily activities, often without the need for a car. Each building has a private garage space under 24-hour surveillance, so you can carelessly indulge in the charms of discovering your new, green neighborhood on foot. Just a few minutes walks away are shops, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, gyms, the BW Apollo sports center, as well as Galerija, the largest center of entertainment, good food, and shopping in the region. There will also be two stations of the future metro nearby, one at the beginning and the other at the end of Savska, and they will have an excellent connection with other parts of the city.

Center of culture, innovation, and knowledge-based economy

Savska Street was always known as the address of the Palace of Justice, the large police station, and the Old Post Office, while there were almost no cultural institutions in the street and its neighborhood. Now that picture is also changing. After reconstruction, the Historical Museum of Serbia will be housed in the building of the former Railway Station, and a very important cultural institution will be housed in the Post Office building: a children’s centre.

A special attraction for Belgraders, as well as domestic and foreign tourists, will be Lozionica, an old industrial complex near Gazela, which will be transformed into a center for creative industries, digitization, and innovation. The Lozionica building was built almost a century ago (1926) and was used to heat the water that would run the steam engine in the locomotive. After the Yugoslav railway was fully electrified, it was used as a kind of garage for locomotives. In a new shape, this complex under the protection of the state will be transformed into a multifunctional creative center, a place that, with its authenticity and creative energy, will become the center of new trends in creativity and the knowledge-based economy.

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