Buying your first apartment makes a turning point in your life. Everything is changing radically, and maybe you are also adapting yourself to independent living and responsibility towards your real estate. However, if you wonder if now is the right time for such an investment, here are five signs that you are ready for it.

1. You do not want to live in a rented apartment

If you are a young person with several years of work experience, likely, you have already been a tenant in one or more places. While that kind of life may seem like fun at first, after a while, you will realize that you don’t want to spend more and more money on rent, or to live with your parents anymore. Having a personal space gives you some options, but you remain accountable to the landlord or parents.Being a property owner gives you freedom. Buying an apartment instead of renting it makes a lot of sense for the young and the elderly. As we have seen over the past period, the real estate market has had its ups and downs. Of course, if you buy a place to live while building some capital, you will be fine. A good reason to buy your apartment is if you plan to get married or live with a partner. That is the perfect opportunity to plan and build your partnership together. Moreover, you will be able to decide with your partner whether each of you should contribute to the repayment of the loan or not, and what amount each partner should contribute. It will make your journey to ownership even more fulfilling and satisfying.

2. You crave responsibility

Accountability is something that comes with age. The older we get, the more we feel the need to change and take on new roles in life. To fully acquire responsibility, it is vital to know from the beginning that everything that happens with our real estate and within, it will be on us. Therefore, it is an excellent choice to buy real estate in a new building to avoid additional costs and save time for renovation. Indeed, when it comes to the accompanying elements in the apartment, with a certain guarantee of durability, there will be minor breakdowns for which you will have to find a repairer yourself and take care of the improvements. If that doesn’t scare you at all, keep reading because you’re well on your way to realizing it’s time to think about your first investment.

3. You have stable finances

When buying an apartment, the most critical segment is your financial potential. In addition, think carefully about whether you prefer to buy an apartment with a housing loan, from investors, in construction, new construction, or old construction? But whatever choice you make, the key starting point is the budget. Carefully calculate your finances and write it down how much money you can invest. This calculation will help you orient yourself later and not go too far from the goal. You need to consider your financial situation before buying an apartment, especially if you need a loan. That means a steady job with a regular income and security in the coming years. That will be of great importance in the type and amount of loan you will apply for and the interest rate you will need to pay. Your financial situation can help you decide if you can afford to own an apartment. If your career is going smoothly, with opportunities for progress in the foreseeable future, you may be ready for the most valuable purchase in life.

4. You want independence and your own private space

Surely, at least in some moments, you wanted to gain independence, have your own private space and build a life that suits you. First of all, think about the city you live in, the job you have and all the other things that bind you to it. Have you thought about moving to another city and starting a completely new life from scratch or buying an apartment in the city where you already live? If you decide to live in the capital, its main characteristic is the urban way of life. However, there is always a desire for impeccable peace and the beauty of nature. As the speed of life often takes us “under its wing,” this balance was the inspiration for the Belgrade Waterfront project. Finding the perfect place to live, in a neighborhood surrounded by greenery, where residents will discover peace despite living in a metropolis of millions, is the mission of a large number of people around the world. By buying an apartment in this beautiful neighborhood, you will achieve your independence and need for a private space equipped with the highest architecture standards.

5. You understand the real estate market

You will buy the apartment when you are ready, but the decision on this matter cannot be separated from the understanding of the real estate market in your area. The advice is to research and talk to a local real estate agent to know your market and what suits you. It is natural and healthy to act cautiously because buying your first property is a big deal.

Living in Belgrade Waterfront and the top quality of housing units includes the proximity of all amenities necessary for modern life: park and outdoor gym, space for pets, Galerija Belgrade shopping center, and a large selection of cafes and restaurants. Ambiance full of greenery tucked away next to the Sava River includes private parking spaces and many other amenities.In addition to being one of the most exclusive and dynamic locations, this neighborhood provides an excellent connection with all parts of the city. You can purchase a square meter of residential space for as little as EUR 2,950, including VAT. After reading this text, we have a piece of good news for those of you who think that it is time to buy your first real estate. Now you can obtain an offer made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront and get a bank loan for a new apartment in the early construction stage, at a monthly installment of EUR 499.

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