Nice weather allowed us to enjoy every day to the maximum, and spring brought walks along the river and pleasant moments in nature. After a winter that always seems longer than it is, this time of the year has undoubtedly delighted you with warmer temperatures!

How does Belgrade Waterfront make a perfect symbiosis with spring days?

The perfect place to enjoy sunny days

In the heart of the city, Belgrade Waterfront, Belgrade’s most famous district, is expanding and developing rapidly, and homes for new beginnings are constantly being built and gaining their residents. Pleasant weather brings the opportunity to enjoy the attractive facilities. Indeed, a walk along the river stands out, which offers a beautiful feeling of peace and tranquility with perfect landscapes that stretch to the city’s most famous points. The parks that adorn this complex are a remarkable oasis of peace and hedonism for the whole family. The youngest residents can hardly wait to embrace the freedom of the game, and these moments are incredibly precious for the parents because the infrastructure of Belgrade Waterfront follows the needs of all family members. The building plan of BW King’s Park, BW Sensa, BW Lumia, BW Eterna and BW Scala envisages spacious inner courtyards ideal for relaxation and leisure. Everything is subordinated to maximum pleasure – mom and dad can rest or drink coffee in peace, watching the child play a step away from them. Gentle air and sun – do you need a better invitation to spend your free time outside? Built and designed so that your satisfaction always comes first, this residential area is perfect for an afternoon rollerblading, cycling, or a relaxing walk along the Sava Promenada.

Spring as an inspiration for significant life changes

Pleasant weather brings unique optimism and inspires us to take significant life moves. With nice weather, even the search for real estate is more accessible, and visiting and looking around apartments is easier. Belgrade Waterfront agents are here to go through all the stages of investing in the future with you and make the apartment purchase go in the best order. If you are unsure which square footage could meet all your needs or which BW building would be the most suitable, our agents will advise you and make sure that the choice you have is the right one. In the comfortable embrace of the Sava Park, BW Sensa is ideal for warmer days because of its inner courtyard, which is a bit natural green, quiet and safe oasis of peace. With many relaxations and active living opportunities, it is everything you expect from a living space in a modern urban environment. On the ground floor of the neighboring building, there is a kindergarten with a separate entrance, and the school is also located nearby. Thanks to that, you can spend quality time with your family. Young couples will be delighted by the proximity of cafes, bars and restaurants, and places with rich cultural content. Can you already imagine your life in Belgrade Waterfront?

Always quality filled free time

When you live in a complex like Belgrade Waterfront, your daily rhythm harmonizes, and there is always space for hedonism. A beautiful environment that abounds in greenery and awakens all the senses is ideal for walking and taking pets outside. If you go to the shopping centerGalerija, your little friends can keep you company because this unique shopping destination is pet friendly. Photos of a great day outside will remain a perfect memory, as Belgrade Waterfront is the city’s favorite location for photography. In addition, one of the ideal spring accessories for photography is undoubtedly flowers. In the Flower Room, you can find arrangements that can be a wonderful gift for a loved one and a gift to your home that will bring a whole new, lively and unique atmosphere. Let the refreshing scents start a wave of inspiration, mark the spring in full splendor and start good energy. Take advantage of all the neighborhood possibilities to maintain the ideal balance and grab for yourself an everyday life full of good feelings!

Nature, events and ideal location

A fairytale view of the river from the Sava Promenada will make you decide to buy a new property quickly and without much additional thinking. Nature in the middle of the city noise makes Belgrade Waterfront an attractive and unusual place to live. It brings peaceful mornings, the possibility of outdoor recreation, perfect noon, and great endings of the day with family and friends. An environment in which nature reigns is suitable for your physical and mental health and helps to establish a balance between business and private life. Due to the location close to the strict city center and other places, you don’t have to get up for work too early. You can turn your mornings into your favorite part of the day. Small rituals make a big difference because you have time to practice them and beautify your life by living in Belgrade Waterfront. Many cultural and artistic events occur on the Belgrade Waterfront during the spring, so enjoying the neighborhood not far from your building is guaranteed. Numerous exhibitions, festivals, music events, fairs and a lot of content for children – you will know how to spend your free time. With phenomenal shopping conditions, your wishes will become a reality quickly. The life you have wished for is not just another illusion of the modern age but a possible reality. Now you can grab one of the exclusive daily offer every day. Let spring be the wind in your back to finally make your dreams come true!

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