3 things you must know if you are planning to invest in real estate

3 things you must know if you are planning to invest in real estate

In recent years, there has been increasing uncertainty among people when it comes to investing money. Buying real estate has become, by far, the most profitable type of investment in Serbia. The benefits of investing in real estate are two-fold – in addition to preserving the value of the capital, it is also possible to increase it through the monthly real estate rental. Investing in real estate provides people with stable passive income and brings a certain kind of stability and peace of mind in uncertain times. We remind you of the three things that must be kept in mind when investing in real estate:

1. Location

When we talk about the choice of real estate, real estate experts agree that the decisive factor is –  location, location and location. When choosing real estate as a type of investment, it is most important to consider the dynamics of people’s movements, needs, and lifestyle habits. One of the most attractive locations among domestic and foreign buyers is the most modern settlement in Serbia, Belgrade Waterfront. This prestigious complex is equally attractive to young married couples, many foreigners who have come to our country in recent years, and the increased interest of our people living and working in the diaspora is also noticeable. Therefore, buying an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront proves to be a safe investment and a wise decision with which you will not go wrong.

Night panorama of Belgrade Waterfront, the most attractive location in Belgrade.

2. Everything within the reach

In addition to a fantastic place in the very centre of the city, close to the river and in the middle of a green oasis, Belgrade Waterfront is also distinguished by the application of the principles of sustainable development, the creation of new public spaces, the introduction of advantages for pedestrian movement and the introduction of cultural content into the heart of Belgrade, thanks to which this complex becomes a new city centre core and a new international destination. It is a city within a city where the residents lead an easy and comfortable life because everything they need is at their fingertips and only a few minutes’ walk away – shops, restaurants and cafes, Galerija shopping centre, Sava Promenada, Sava Park, bakeries, gyms, BW Apollo sports centre, as well as children’s playgrounds, beauty salons and numerous other facilities.

3. Apartment in Belgrade Waterfront pays for itself in just 13 years

Real estate in Belgrade Waterfront, at the most attractive location in Belgrade, brings profit to the owners even before they take the keys to the apartment because the value of the square meter increases from five to seven percent annually in parallel with the project’s development. This means that they have the opportunity to earn about 20 percent already during the construction period. When all market parameters and the average rent price of an apartment within the project are considered, a simple calculation shows that an investment pays for itself in just 13 years. If you consider the location, the proximity to the amenities and the excellent investment opportunity due to the return of income, you will agree that this is a combinatory worth considering and a deed for a secure future.

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