Why is Belgrade an ideal city to live in?

Why is Belgrade an ideal city to live in?

Belgrade. A city with all those hidden places, sights, and the spirit of history imbued with a modern character. Dynamic and urban, a bit chaotic, this city gives everyone the best of itself.

From Belgrade to you

Over time, the Serbian capital has become similar to large metropolises with new buildings, parks, boulevards, and millions of people. But even today, it retains the past time’s feeling that gives that unique charm to the present. All those facades, old cobblestones, handicrafts, and historical and cultural heritage are firmly interwoven with modern times, giving their stamp precisely because of their importance. It is true – Belgrade spirit always gives you the feeling that you are at home because, after all, this city is like one big house for all those who decide to live in it. Belgrade has become a thoroughly modern city with many fantastic features that set it apart from other European cities. Many opportunities provide everyone with an equal opportunity to consider this city as their home and find a way to make their dreams come true.

Opportunities for a fulfilled life

The moment you start living in the capital, you will realize that its urbanity is reflected in the fast-paced everyday life and the people who make it up. There is no other place like the Balkans, where people spend hours and hours drinking coffee with friends, with exciting stories, smiles, making lifetime memories. That’s what makes this story complete.

The city of Belgrade, in addition to attractive facilities and opportunities, can also offer excellent employment opportunities. The highest number of job advertisements come from here. In addition, a large selection of educational institutions that provide quality education is attracting an increasing number of foreigners who decide to study in the capital. Apart from being the residence of highly qualified experts from Serbia and the region, Belgrade is also a new desirable location for an increasing number of foreign citizens. They come to Belgrade in search of an affordable and luxurious modern life, as well as new, unusual experiences. The most significant benefit is the combination of socializing, fun, exciting places, and business opportunities. Everything is located in the center of White City, on the banks of the Sava and Danube rivers, next to the Belgrade Waterfront neighborhood.

Belgrade is a business, tourist, cultural, and educational regional center, which is why it is at the top of the list of desirable cities for studying, living and working.

The center of events on the Sava River

Belgrade Waterfront is a new international destination and a new gathering place for all Belgraders, a city within a city in a unique location, a place where the Pannonian Plain and the Balkan Peninsula meet. It is located on the link between the old Belgrade center and New Belgrade, only twenty minutes from the “Nikola Tesla” airport and a maximum of 15 minutes walk from key city locations. Tucked away by the Sava River, surrounded by parks, greenery, and excellent infrastructure, this new city space benefits residents and visitors.The ideal environment for a healthy and active life is another important factor that this neighborhood can offer. The plan of the complex is designed so that there is an extensive area with greenery, the Sava Park in which over 140 trees are planted, landscaped lawns, and numerous sports and recreational facilities. In addition, the nearby Sava Promenada is the perfect setting for cycling, rollerblading, or a simple walk or run.

Apartment in an attractive location

Buying an apartment in a big city has always been considered a worthwhile investment, and the latest economic changes have only strengthened the power of that role. An investment such as an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront is something that will make your life different and easier in every sense. The proximity of the Galerija shopping center, markets, restaurants, and cultural facilities within the settlement will give you a complete atmosphere without going anywhere else. The services intended for the tenants were formed precisely according to their needs, so all buildings have underground garages, without which life in a city of millions would be unimaginable.

A place for young people

The ideal combination of fun, engaging content, and functionality makes Belgrade Waterfront attractive to young people. Everything this luxury neighborhood has to offer is what makes it the perfect place to live. The ideal location provides an excellent connection with all parts of the city. It is close to the old city center, has a direct exit to Gazela bridge, and easy access to the E-75 highway, while at a shorter distance is the Sava Bridge which is the fastest route to New Belgrade. Also, not far from the neighborhood, there are a large number of bus and tram stops.Events are often organized in the neighborhood itself, which greatly enrich social life. Also, there are many cafes and restaurants for those who like nightlife and going out and those who would like to enjoy morning coffee near the river or an afternoon lunch with friends or family.

Your ticket to living with style

In addition to the top quality of housing units, living in Belgrade Waterfront includes everything necessary for modern life, and a square meter of living space can be bought for as little as EUR 2,950, including VAT. All those who plan to buy an apartment will be delighted by the information that you can now obtain housing loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront. Thanks to them, you can get a bank loan for new living space at an early stage of building construction, at a monthly installment of as little as EUR 499.

Belgrade is waiting for you!

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