Why is Belgrade Waterfront an ideal neighborhood during summer months?

Why is Belgrade Waterfront an ideal neighborhood during summer months?

Summer – a season that always brings with it new challenges, adventures, and enjoyment. The uniqueness of the summer period measures with decisions we all make, leading us to the ultimate feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

Belgrade as a summer city

And although many associate summer in Belgrade with hot asphalt, crowds, and the hustle and bustle, the Serbian capital still offers many fun activities throughout the summer season. During the summer months, our city is full of exciting events, and thus provides several options for having a good time, including swimming and sunbathing. Due to the circumstances in which we found ourselves in the previous year, many of us will decide to spend the summer months in Belgrade. Our suggestions for enjoying these summer months are: prepare yourself for the river, greenery, forest, but also for having an unforgettable time in places located on the Belgrade Waterfront. These places offer an outstanding view of the Sava Promenade and the river, especially during the night when the entire city is illuminated and shows an entirely new dimension of beauty, representing real enjoyment, romance and an unreal feeling of satisfaction.

Why you don’t have to go to sea

A warm summer breeze, sun, and the proximity of the river that gives an impression of the sea’s infinity. A view that cannot be described with words. The majority of the Belgarde Waterfront apartment complex contains spacious terraces that provide you with a simmilar feeling as if you were at sea. During the summer period, the ideal conditions of buildings surrounded by nature, greenery and the river are an ideal solution for all those who want to feel like they are at sea with a sense of peace and balance. On your terrace, you may enjoy sunbathing, and in the afternoon, in the shade provided by a large number of planted trees, you may sit in park and enjoy some peaceful time. The place which we live in has a significant impact on the feeling of fulfillment and happiness, so you must choose well and decide what will be your haven and oasis of peace. Residential buildings in Belgrade Waterfront are designed according to the unique needs of the time we live in. One of the essential characteristics is the need to have everything at our fingertips and within close proximity of our apartment. However, even though some of us are big fans of urban and modern life, we still desire to be surrounded by a beautiful natural environment and silence that brings peace to our everyday life routine. As we are often preoccupied with the speed of life in the capital, there are rarely places to truly enjoy small things, which is why the Belgrade on Water project provides an opportunity to set this balance between work and time for yourself at a desirable living standard.

Living in a neighborhood full of content is a real summer refreshment

Many cultural events create a different life dynamic in the district. The cultural life of inhabitants and visitors of Belgrade is enriched by numerous exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, fashion shows, workshops, etc. For anyone who wants to spend summer precisely this way, Belgrade Waterfront is the place. Many restaurants, cafes, the shopping center Gallery, parks, proximity to the river, cycling to Ada Ciganlija, or running are just some of the activities that will fulfill your summer days with dynamism. Belgrade on water provides ideal content for parents with children: a park and an outdoor gym, within close proximity to kindergarten, space for pets, an environment full of greenery tucked in by the Sava River, private parking, and many other amenities.  An ideal setting for a healthy and active lifestyle is just one of the essential factors that will lead you to a suitable apartment purchase. Sava Park has planted over 140 trees, landscaped lawns, and numerous sports and recreational facilities are a great advantage of the complex and provide fulfillment in every field of your daily routine. In addition, the nearby Sava Promenade is a perfect setting for cycling or rollerblading, or simply sitting on the dock and watching the magical sunset, which at some point merges with the river and gives an inexpressible view.

How to invest in real estate that means life

If you decide to invest, you must know that it is an investment in housing and an investment in life that you deserve. We all have different aspirations and goals, but, inevitably, we usually want the same thing: a happy and fulfilled life. Therefore, you need to look at real estate investing from several different angles and pay attention to various aspects of buying. In case you are unsure whether you can afford to live in one of the residential buildings of the Belgrade Waterfront complex, which in addition to the top quality of housing units, also implies the proximity of all facilities necessary for modern life. In that case, we are here to delight you with the offer of housing at 2,950 euros, including VAT. Another encouraging aspect for all those planning to buy an apartment is that housing loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront are now on offer. Thanks to them, you may get a bank loan for new living space at an early stage of building construction, at a monthly installment starting from 499 euros.

Become a proud resident of the Belgrade Waterfront complex with the benefits it offers, because you will be able to enjoy countless summer activities, as if you were residing at the seaside throughout the entire year!

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