Belgrade Waterfront pays out dividends in the amount of EUR 10 million

Belgrade Waterfront pays out dividends in the amount of EUR 10 million

For the second year in a row, Belgrade Waterfront is paying dividends, and the year behind us exceeded 2021 in terms of results and it will be remembered as officially the most succesful in the company’s operations so far. During 2022, Belgrade Waterfront achived business revenue in the amount of EUR 269.6 million, while the net profit for the same period amounts to 59.4 million euros. A total of EUR 10 million was set aside for the payment of dividends, part of which goes to the state budget. The remaining part of the net profit will be invested in the further development of the project.

„The construction of Belgrade Waterfront is progressing at an excellent pace. So far, 14 buildings have been constructed and 3,000 apartments moved in, while 3 more buildings with almost 600 new apartments will be completed by the end of this year. The fact that close to 6,000 apartments have been sold so far speaks of how much interest there is in the real estate market for living in the most modern neighborhood in Serbia. The project is constantly growing and developing, so there are already more than 300 shops in it, while new cafes, restaurants and services are opening almost daily. Also, intensive work is being done on the construction of new streets and the greening of the entire settlement, which makes it attractive for everyone who would like to have all the advantages of urban living in the immediate vicinity, while being surrounded by nature at the same time“, said Zorana Burlić, General Manager of Belgrade Waterfront.

From the very beginning of construction, Belgrade Waterfront was designed to meet the needs of the modern family, so the price in numerous buildings, which will be ready for moving in next year, the price is adjusted to this category of buyers. At the lowest price from EUR 3,200+VAT per square metre, it is possible to buy an apartment in a building with a reception, security, a landscaped courtyard for residents, underground garage, in the close vicinity of the Sava Park, a bilingual school, a sports centre, a modern kindergarten, the Sava Promenada and Galerija, the biggest shopping, entertainment and gastronomic destination in Southeastern Europe.

The recently published quarterly report of the Republic Geodetic Institute states that the most affordable square metre in the exclusive location on the Sava riverbank was sold for EUR 3,264, which a lower price than for new apartments in other central parts of Belgrade.

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