This is why the apartment in the BW Libera exceeded all expectations of the Veselinovic family

This is why the apartment in the BW Libera exceeded all expectations of the Veselinovic family

When she recently took the keys and stepped into her new apartment in Belgrade Waterfront for the first time, Sanja Veselinovic went to the terrace that overlooks the inner courtyard and the spacious Sava Park. She could immediately imagine herself drinking coffee there with her husband, while the roar of playful children comes from the park.

Living next to the river and a park in a big city like Belgrade is indeed a privilege, but only one of many reasons why this family from Zurich chose Belgrade Waterfront and BW Libera residential building. 

“Only now I realize how close everything is to us. We are just a street away from Galerija, and from there we can reach the river and Kula Belgrade in a few steps. I can only imagine how the neighborhood will shine once the plateau in front of Kula is completed. This location really has advantages that no other has and that is one of the reasons we chose Belgrade Waterfront”, the proud owner of an apartment in BW Libera reveals.

Galerija, the largest shopping center in the region and the Belgrade Tower, the tallest building in Serbia

European standards


This 16-floor-high building belongs to the Park District, which consists of buildings on the edge of the park. The apartments have exceptional views of the inner courtyard, the Sava Park, the old city nucleus, and the Kula Belgrade and the art centre “Lozionica” from the higher floors.

Sanja’s first impression after entering the apartment is that everything looks much better than she expected.

“Everything is fantastic, really. We especially liked the modern style and layout. As someone who has lived abroad for years, I can say that all European norms are met, from sound insulation, quality of carpentry and parquet, to built-in bathroom elements. I am really positively surprised by the quality, both of the apartment and the whole building and I can only recommend Belgrade Waterfront”, new BW Libera resident doesn’t hide her enthusiasm. 

Veselinovic family lives in Zurich, but they love Belgrade very much and are looking forward to moving in. Sanja recalls that they made the decision to purchase almost spontaneously, in a conversation with friends who have already bought an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront. After they considered all the advantages of the new neighborhood, it didn’t take them too long to decide. The children are grown and don’t live with them, so when making the decision, they also thought about retirement days.    


Everything works flawlessly


“In this period of life, it is very important that everything is at your fingertips and that you don’t have to use the car for every little thing. It seems to me that in Galerija we have everything we could need. In addition to the market, pharmacies, perfumeries and shops of all possible brands, there are also beautiful restaurants, art galleries and a cinema. I heard that a new, modern market is going to be build nearby, which makes me particularly happy. At our age, it is important to have somewhere to walk, and there are so many places for recreation and enjoying the nature here, from our peaceful inner courtyard and park to the Sava Promenada, where something is always happening”, Sanja conveys her impressions of her new neighborhood. 

The fact that the building has a garage and that it is a new, well-maintained quarter with developed infrastructure, influenced the Veselinovic’s decision to buy the property here. As in all other buildings, the residents of BW Libera have at their disposal the reception, security and facility service, who will unobtrusively take care that everything in the building functions flawlessly. Another important advantage that Veselinovics point out is the vicinity of the future metro – one station will be located in the back of Sava Square, where the first two underground lines will cross, and the other at the other end of Savska Street, near “Lozionica”. 

Sanja and her husband will devote themselves to decorating their new home in the coming months, and they plan to move in in the spring, when their new neighborhood, which is 40% covered with greenery, shine in its full glory. 

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