Every city has its history, culture, and symbols that, when intertwined with modern spirit and architecture, form an inseparable entity, which writes some new chapters in the Serbian capital in the years to come.

Kula Belgrade – A new symbol of the city 

Throughout its long history, Belgrade has withstood the test of time, and each time it has become even more beautiful and enchanting. All these different events and the faces of Belgrade, which are difficult to recognize in the paintings from the past, make it what it is today – a destination that offers a blend of unique history and present. The new symbol of the city, which everyone was eagerly awaiting, had its premiere on December 31st, during New Year’s Eve. The magnificent Kula Belgrade shone in full splendor when an eight-minute fireworks display intertwined with laser beams and light effects. A unique show accompanied by music specially composed for the occasion and inspired by local heritage and tradition made this memorable for everyone present. During New Year’s Eve, the completion of works on the facade of the Kula Belgrade, an architectural masterpiece on the banks of the Sava river, was presented, featuring an impressive beginning of 2022.

Kula Belgrade – for unique experiences

Every city has something to be proud of. The wealth that Belgrade provides is reflected in its past events, which made it what it is today. But people are also important here. They are an indispensable part of the overall picture and experience of the city. For Serbian people say that we are hospitable, kind, smiling, and friendly. Precisely because of that, tourists enjoy visiting the most famous destinations and cultural heritage of the city and socializing with locals. In Belgrade, but also in other Serbian cities, people know how to make the most out of every free moment. They know how to enjoy small things, such as drinking coffee in the afternoon, walking by the river, or simply spending time with family. What has recently become the city’s main symbol is the Kula Belgrade, the tallest building in the region that stretches to 168 m in height with an extraordinary view of the Sava River and the historical jewel of Belgrade – the Kalemegdan Fortress. Kula Belgrade is located in the newly built part of the city – The Belgrade Waterfront, a monumental project worth 3 billion dollars, which has become the new city center and a popular international destination.

The best of life in the capital

Kula Belgrade is characterized by an excellent design reflected in every detail. The apartments provide exceptional functionality and are an oasis of peace for those who spend most of their days in the Serbian capital. Carefully selected works of art, textures, and materials within the building are inspired by the Sava River and the spirit of Belgrade. The building consists of 42 floors and represents the highest achievement of modern architecture, depicting spectacular lookouts, prestigious restaurants, and services of the luxurious Hotel chain, St. Regis. Appealing to both future tenants and visitors is the lookout that stretches to the most prominent parts of the city. Peace, a refreshing breeze, a breathtaking view – isn’t that something everyone would enjoy?

St. Regis apartments

The first St. Regis Hotel opened in New York in 1904 on the Fifth Avenue, the most luxurious area of the city. The founder was John Jacob Astor IV, and the very idea was for this to be a place where luxury and comfort assembled, aimed at gentlemen and their families. To this day, the hotel has maintained its quality and reputation and exists in as many as 49 locations worldwide. St Regis carefully chooses the most attractive locations for the hotel’s opening thus, it is a privilege that they have found a unique place in Belgrade. As many as 220 branded St. Regis apartments provide a completely new life experience in the capital. The first 12 floors are planned for The St. Regis otel in Belgrade, whereas floors 14 to 39 are planed for the the first in Europe branded St. Regis apartments. More than ten elevators will move at a speed of about 6m / s and transport visitors to the observation deck at the top of the Kula Belgrade, where the view of the Serbian capital is spectacular. The new symbol of Belgrade can boast the most advanced construction technology and the use of top materials. The entire facade will be composed of almost 14,000 glass and other panels that make it recognizable worldwide.

Kula Belgrade as a tourist destination

The significance of the Kula Belgrade for all the capital inhabitants is exceptional. Although many are not aware of it yet, Kula will become the personification of the city and an important tourist attraction in the upcoming years. As Burj Khalifa is for Dubai, Kula Belgrade will become a window to the world. For all large and advanced cities, such skyscrapers reflect prosperity and progress. A plateau will be built in front of the Kula, intended to be the center of gatherings and other important events. For many people, living or just visiting, the Belgrade Waterfront is a unique spot and experience in the city. Exceptional architecture, plenty of green infrastructures, proximity to the river, attractive facilities, and the shopping center Galerija offer everyone an entire range of attractions. We will learn to appreciate that in addition to all the important historical and cultural destinations in our city, the Kula Belgrade will be a trademark that we will proudly show to the world.

It is a place where a new age emerges, happiness is born, and the future is created!

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