It is surely not easy to make a big life decision, but it is essential to step up and do what you can when you know how fruitful it can be. And when you know that the decision is going to change your life for the better, time is the slightest obstacle.

Don’t wait too long to buy your new home

You are ready to buy a new property, but you do not know if now is the right time to do so. You are creditworthy, you have a reliable real estate agent, and you know what you want. But it is still a matter of time. The ability to buy a new property is affected not only by your financial circumstances, but also by trends in the real estate market. We already know that the great demand makes real estate prices in Belgrade grow from year to year. The growing trend of the price per square meter and the great demand for residential and commercial buildings in Belgrade make the decision to buy logical and safe. The real estate market is volatile, so waiting for a next-year purchase can lead to an additional increase in prices.

When choosing an apartment as an investment, the essential factors are location and infrastructure, leading to a faster investment return. Also, if you plan to expand your family, and your home has become small for all your needs, it is definitely the ideal time to buy. In fact, your desires and tendencies are crucial when making a purchase decision.

So don’t wait for a better life to happen. Instead, embrace the chance to create it before the beginning of the new year.

Everything you need – at your fingertips

If you are thinking of buying a property, you certainly have a lot of reasons for that. In addition to expanding the family, there is also the fact that a long trip to work and back home takes a lot of private time that you would rather spend with your loved ones. Therefore, you should choose a property close to all the necessary facilities, both for you and your children. To provide them with the best childhood, choose an apartment in a quiet area, without the traffic noise and the crowds typical for urban life.

Pursuing life as we envisioned it for our family encourages us to consider every detail and plan well. Therefore, one of the most important things is the proximity of schools or kindergartens that your child would attend. Therefore, if the apartment is located near a downtown location, you will have more options to choose a high-quality educational institution. If your child is starting school next year, they will have just enough time to get used to the new home and meet friends before the beginning of the school year if you decide to buy during this period.Belgrade Waterfront provides outstanding features for every family: park and outdoor gym, proximity to the Galerija shopping mall and Sava River, a large selection of cafes and restaurants, an environment full of greenery, private parking, and many other amenities for a fulfilling life. What will delight you is the large selection of events for children all year round, like the Paw Patrol event held at Galerija last month that was well attended. For all art lovers, there are also KvART BW exhibitions that will enhance your cultural life.

Why buying a property in BW is an ideal decision

When planning a big decision, it is essential to look at all the aspects and angles. However, one thing is for sure – your desire to provide the best quality of life for all your family members. Belgrade Waterfront stands out as a new international destination built in a unique location, close to all major city sites. Tucked away by the Sava River, surrounded by parks, greenery, and excellent infrastructure, this new city space provides its residents and visitors with the benefits that are increasingly desirable today. It is a place that offers all the amenities and experiences of modern life, and at the same time is surrounded by everything that brings peace and enjoyment of simple things: walking lanes, proximity to the river, benches where you can read or enjoy an unreal view, and also a space for your loved pets, both outdoors and indoors. Galerija shopping mall is a great pet-friendly place for fun, shopping, and enjoyment with your fluffy friends.

Autumn is made for new beginnings

While growing up, autumn has always been a symbol of a new beginning, like starting a new school or university year, so it can also mark the beginning of other essential parts of our lives. A large selection of real estate properties in Belgrade Waterfront offers you the perfect chance to choose an apartment that meets all your preferences. This fall, you can move into BW Aurora or BW Arcadia housing units that offer the great privilege of living downtown.

BW Aurora is located next to the impressive Sava Park and close to the river and the Sava Promenade. It represents the ideal dimension of modern life, in which the urban space is harmoniously immersed in greenery. It is facing east so that the sun’s rays welcome every new day.

BW Arcadia offers all the benefits of a dream home: beautiful bright apartments that meet all the individual and family needs, located in an inspiring, peaceful environment. As a green oasis in the city’s heart, BW Arcadia offers magnificent views of the Sava River, Sava Park, Kula Belgrade, and the entire city and provides its tenants a range of opportunities to pursue lifestyles they choose.

Enter the new year as the owner of a BW apartment

Buying a property during the autumn period allows you to settle in it at the beginning of the new year and start building a new life following the New Year’s resolutions that you will write.

Housing loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront will further strengthen your decisions. You can obtain this offer at an early building construction stage, with the monthly installment rate starting from EUR 499. This purchase loan allows you to resolve the housing issue quickly! It is unique because, according to standard practice, banks approve loans for new construction only when 60% to 80% of work is done. Our sales consultants will be at your disposal and help you choose a property that fits the budget and meets all your criteria and needs.

The best time for big decisions is the one you choose. Become the owner of a property in the most beautiful part of Belgrade – this fall!

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