You are at the start of a new chapter in life. It is love that guides you, but there is also a need for a secure future that you will build together. It is uncertain for many, but if you work together to make it the best possible way, be sure that you will achieve the life you deserve.

Real estate – marriage or marriage – real estate

Nowadays, the status of real estate ownership is influenced by several factors. It is widespread for young people to live with their parents until they decide to enter into a marital union. At the same time, fewer and fewer people own their property before they get married. The most crucial segment when buying is undoubtedly the finances that further direct the flows of your life.

The financial situation is especially important if you need a loan. It means that you need a steady job with a regular income and security in the coming years. This will be of great importance in the type and amount of loan you will apply for and the interest rate you will obtain. If your career is going smoothly, with opportunities for progress in the foreseeable future, you may be ready for the most valuable purchase in life. However, if you decide to buy an apartment with a partner, the financial part can be facilitated by joint investment.

Life for two

We all strive for a harmonious life for two. It is best to choose an independent life, outside the community with the family, to reach that goal. That way, you will provide yourself with the peace and tranquility you need to plan a life in a new apartment, make decisions together, and adapt the space to your needs. Then when it comes to expanding the family, you will have the opportunity to do everything exactly as you imagined. You will have enough space for you and your children, an apartment decorated according to your criteria, and a neighborhood that meets your daily duties and routines. Also, buying the first family apartment brings a vital sense of security, and the “roof over your head” becomes a place where you will raise your love to a higher level.

Wedding expenses and purchase of an apartment

The organization and costs of the wedding itself often exceed the budget of the newlyweds. Even after the wedding, during the honeymoon, couples will often find themselves facing financial inconvenience. So they often postpone the decision about buying an apartment and likely choose to live as tenants.

If you and your partner live together before marriage, you may start saving money for future expenses. In that case, it is essential to choose your priority – is it your own apartment or a luxury wedding? Nowadays, most young people opt for small weddings with close family and friends so that they can save enough money to buy their first property immediately afterward. Well-set priorities lead to a higher goal.

One step closer to living together

In addition to top-quality residential units, living in Belgrade Waterfront also provides proximity to all amenities necessary for contemporary life. A square meter of living space in Belgrade Waterfront can be purchased for as little as EUR 2,950, including VAT. All those who plan to buy an apartment will be pleased to learn that there are loans made especially for Belgrade Waterfront. Thanks to it, you can get a bank loan for a new home at an early stage of construction, at a monthly installment starting from EUR 499. This housing loan allows you to resolve the housing issue quickly! The offer is unique because, in the standard practice, loans for new apartments are approved only when the buildings are 60-80 percent constructed. Our sales consultants will be at your disposal and help you choose a property that fits the budget and meets all your criteria and needs.

Apartment in the most attractive part of Belgrade

Your first apartment is a place where dreams become a reality, and life opens some new chapters. The property you choose will largely determine the further possibilities you can reach, and residential buildings in Belgrade Waterfront are designed just for your unique needs where everything is at your fingertips and close to the apartment. However, even when we are big enthusiasts of urban and modern life, we all want to be surrounded by a beautiful natural environment and silence that brings peace and escape from everyday life. Belgrade Waterfront offers amenities suitable for a peaceful and healthy life: a park and outdoor gym, proximity to kindergarten, space for pets, an environment full of greenery, private parking, and many others.
The ideal setting for a healthy and active life is just one of the important factors that will lead you to a good purchase of an apartment. Sava Park, with over 140 trees planted, landscaped lawns, and numerous sports and recreational facilities, are a great advantage of the complex and provide fulfillment in every field of your daily routine. In addition, the nearby Sava Promenade is the perfect setting for cycling or rollerblading or simply sitting on the dock and watching the sunset. For all those couples who like going out, there are many luxury restaurants and cafes in Belgrade Waterfront with an excellent offer of food and drinks. What additionally enhances these facilities is undoubtedly the pleasant environment, the proximity of the Sava River, and the view of the unique Kula Belgrade, the tallest building in Serbia, with 168m in height.

Love and real estate

The love between two people who want to build a shared future implies real estate that will enable them to do so. That’s exactly how love and real estate go together. They supply, seek, and complement each other. Buying an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront enables a balance between your and your partner’s wishes and combines them into one. With a large selection of modern apartments, facilities, attractions, greenery, and other benefits, you can be sure that you will achieve what you dreamed of together in the best way without having to put something aside. Start a new life in the most beautiful Belgrade neighborhood!

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