The holiday season is behind us, and the new year and the new goals are waiting for their turn. And what is the most important thing we have wished for on New Year’s Eve? The happiness of our loved ones because the love we selflessly give them leads us to realize all the wishes we have for them and ourselves.

New year – new opportunities

Everything that happened in the old year remained a memory and a reminder of the period behind us. The New Year has opened the door to some new achievements that will lead us to what we call a life worth living. To be productive and reach the set goals, we first need to set them and devise ways to achieve them. The first month of the year reminds us of the past holiday season and motivates new beginnings. January weather delighted all snow and snow idyll lovers and briefly extended that special feeling of holiday paradise. However, our decisions are waiting to be realized, and the strongest ones are the ones we promised ourselves.

New home in 2022

You are on the threshold of a new chapter in life because 2022 has just begun and brought many possibilities. Love is the main force that guides you, but you also need a secure future that you want in the years to come. The most crucial purchasing element is the finances that direct the flow of life. A good start is to inquire about banking loans opportunities and desirable property that you would like to buy. In recent years, Belgrade Waterfront has noticed great interest from both buyers and the capital citizens. They consider it a new city core that offers numerous attractive local amenities. Housing in Belgrade Waterfront, in addition to the top quality of housing units, includes the proximity of all facilities necessary for modern life, and a square meter of housing space can be purchased at EUR 2950, including VAT. To come one step closer to fulfilling your dreams, we have provided you with a special offer for housing loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront apartments. Now you can get a loan for a new home at an early stage of building construction, at a monthly installment rate starting from EUR 499. Our sales advisors will be at your disposal and provide exceptional attention to help you select a property that will fully suit your needs.

One step closer to making a wish come true

When we sincerely want something, we try to make it happen. But along with big wishes and dreams, there is always an indescribable struggle. Because it doesn’t matter if our goals are major; it only matters how hard we work to achieve them. If we want a good life, we will choose the best there is. And it is best to choose a neighborhood in the heart of the city and the center of a peaceful environment, which stands out for its location, infrastructure, and quality of construction. There is also an outdoor gym, a pet area close to the Galerija shopping center, private parking, good connections to the rest of the city, and a children’s play area. The safety of children within the housing complex is taken care of by professional security, which ensures that your youngest enjoy every day while you can dedicate yourself to other tasks. Close to the river and Belgrade Waterfront complex lays Sava Park, with the first interactive water playground in the city. There are also unlimited sports and recreational facilities, of which the path for rollerblading, cycling, walking, or running can be singled out as the best way to make good use of your free time. While children play, parents can enjoy a large number of cultural events, but also the most beautiful cafes and restaurants on the Sava Promenada.

Fairytale life on the riverbank

The Belgrade Waterfront’s main feature is the modern experience of living close to the banks of the Sava River. Can you imagine waking up every morning with a beautiful view of the river, the Sava Park, a green oasis of peace that adorns the common courtyards between the buildings? Imagine that perfect feeling of freedom when surrounded by nature yet so close to the city center. Your best investment in life can be choosing a property that will give you a peaceful, healthy, and active life in the heart of the capital, on the river bank, that provides an indescribable feeling of happiness and pleasure every day.

Finances, expenses, and profits

If you want to be sure that you will find the apartment that suits your needs, the first step is to list what you are looking for. After that, you need to deal with finances to help you manage your search. In addition, to make sure you are on the right track, you can consult with sales advisors who will always be at your fingertips, trying to make your dream journey easier. By visiting as many apartments as possible, you will make a shortlist and buy a safe property. And safety is the most important thing. Belgrade Waterfront offers new beginnings and modern life that you will enjoy. And the best thing is that, if you buy a perfect apartment just after the holidays, you will be able to move into your new home before summer! For families with kids, this is great timing because it allows the kids to adapt to this change before school starts. Also, your family will have enough time to create new daily habits in the most beautiful part of Belgrade, which you will call home.

Choose the best for new beginnings!

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