Whether it is the first or another purchase of the real estate, the apartment you dream of is not often found, and when you finally find it, you will know that it is precisely the home you dreamed of.

Why the purchase decision is so important

Contrary to forecasts and expectations, the demand for real estate has increased enormously, and the supply is expected to expand in the coming period. The capitals are always an attractive location, and at the local level, this and next year, the market will experience expansion. Belgrade Waterfront has sold more than four thousand apartments, which is a fact that speaks for itself. Whether you want to upgrade a home that will accompany your lifestyle or buy your first apartment – it is the ideal time to contact a BW agent now. Good knowledge of what you can afford is crucial for you as a customer and determines the value of your financial investment. A quick reaction and a decision to buy are essential because the situation changes from hour to hour, and it can quickly happen that what you saw today will be sold tomorrow. Thousands of other potential buyers looking for the property may be one step closer to a big decision. When you know what you want, all that remains is realization. We tried to make it as transparent and straightforward as possible – so you only need to take the first step.

Belgrade Waterfront as the most sought after location in the capital

Since the beginning of the year, Belgrade Waterfront has become more prosperous with three more residential buildings, BW Sensa, BW Echo, and BW King’s Park, and the total number of buildings launched so far is 27. Impressive, isn’t it? High demand, construction that flows with ease and according to plan, and interest that does not decrease imply the security of investing in real estate in this monumental urban realization. Due to its location, luxurious interiors, and lifestyle concept that makes everyday life easier, BW apartment is the first wish of those interested in owning real estate in the capital. Our agents are the best resource for shopping and are always at your disposal. Before starting the purchase process, they will make sure that you have all the necessary information and will be allies that you can contact for everything needed. If you are reading this text as a first buyer, you will be interested to know that Belgrade Waterfront offers the possibility of housing loans created especially for you. With these loans in the early construction phase, your monthly installment will be as little as EUR 499.

Infrastructure that makes life easier

A tucked-in afternoon at home becomes even more beautiful when you have great views from your windows. If the environment gives you everything at your fingertips – all aspects of comfortable living are met. In parallel with the construction of residential buildings, the Belgrade Waterfront is also working on its infrastructure, which improves this part of the city and gives us new public spaces. Hence the beautiful reconstructed Sava Square and Sava Park are an oasis of peace, a meeting place for hedonism and enjoyment of nature and leisure. Within the Belgrade Waterfront project, six kilometers of new roads have been built, making going out and entering the residential complex much more accessible. The most prestigious settlement in Serbia is made dynamic by its environment, which is designed and conceived in such a way as to leave more time for enjoyment and rest and to bring a balance between private and business.

Designed according to human needs, Belgrade Waterfront plans every step of its development to follow the world trends of comprehensive complexes that provide people with important content related to work, recreation, and enjoyment – all near their homes.

The “lost time” in traffic on the way to work or other destinations is reduced so that we can save precious moments for essential things.

Make your dreams come true and live happily

A whole new chapter begins when you have the keys to your new home! Everything that Belgrade Waterfront has to offer makes your investment value for the future and brings a fulfilled and unburdened life. You can enjoy many facilities such as a large park or recreation area, and the proximity of kindergarten, playgrounds, and shops is a big plus. Securing private and underground garages brings exceptional comfort – since parking and storing cars are some of the city’s biggest problems. The shopping center Galerija is essentially an unavoidable destination for gourmets but also for all lovers of quality shopping and original entertainment. It is very close to BW residents and is one of the main places in the neighborhood that gathers many people from all over the city – there are almost constant events.

Open spaces, fresh air, and proximity to the river in the very center of the city make it a luxury that “has no price.” If you decide to “give” yourself and your family this concept of housing, the benefits will be multiple and long-term, and you will live the life you have always dreamed of.

Today, embark on the path of realizing your dreams that only seem distant – they are now very close to you, in the city’s heart!

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