Here’s why apartments in Belgrade Waterfront are a safe investment

Here’s why apartments in Belgrade Waterfront are a safe investment

“When one door closes, buy another and open it yourself.” The name of the author who adapted the famous quotation to the world of real estate remained unknown, but he hit the nail on the head. Opening the door to your own home in a well-chosen location means building a safer future for yourself and your family, and it is a decision with which there is no mistake.

The owners of apartments in the first inhabited buildings of Belgrade Waterfront could name the reasons for that. Regardless of whether they live in them or rent them out, the value of the square footage is increasing and according to all forecasts, this trend will continue, and we are presenting five reasons why Belgrade Waterfront apartments are your safe investment:

1. Profit during the construction period

An apartment in this neighborhood, which represents a kind of “city within a city”, is a particularly smart investment in periods when inflation devalues ​​money. Investing in real estate is a winning combination by which you not only preserve the value of your property, but also increase it. Real estate in the most attractive location in Belgrade brings profit to the owners even before they take the keys to the apartment because the value of the square meter increases from five to seven percent annually in parallel with the development of the project. This means that they have the opportunity to earn about 20 percent already during the construction period.

2. The rent is higher than in other parts of the city

“Buyers of the first apartments in the BW Vista and BW Parkview buildings paid between 2,200 and 2,600 euros per square meter. Today, the price of those apartments on the market is from 3,700 to 4,100 euros per square meter, and the rent is around 22 euros per square meter. That is up to 10 euros per square meter more than for apartments located in buildings of a similar level and with similar contents. Therefore, we are talking about concrete financial benefits achieved by our customers, not to mention the quality of life and the advantages of living in such a location where everything is within reach”, says Milovan Savić from the Belgrade Waterfront company.

Belgrade Waterfront park

3. The apartment pays for itself in 13 years

It is clear that being the owner of an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront does not only mean having a property in the most prestigious location in the city and the country, but also a confirmation that you have made a wise investment decision if the idea is to rent. When all market parameters and the average rent price of an apartment within the project are considered, a simple calculation shows that it is an investment that pays for itself in just 13 years.

Tenants’ interest in this location is always at a high level. It is especially interesting for foreigners who want to be close to the old part of the city and the business center in New Belgrade. It is equally attractive to environmentally conscious members of all generations, who do not want to use a car in the city unless absolutely necessary. This is the reason why they choose one of the best connected parts of the city, which is dynamic and alive all year round, with a large number of interesting contents and the opportunity to spend their free time in contact with nature even though they are in the center of the metropolis.

4. You don’t buy just an apartment, but your peace as well

For all those who will open the door to a new apartment in order to build a nest for themselves and their loved ones, Belgrade Waterfront is in every respect the best possible decision. The functional arrangement of the rooms, the top quality of the works and the wonderful views of the river and the city panorama are ideal scenery for those who want only the best from life. In the inner courtyard that every building has, you can read a book, work in peace and let your children play carefree with the little ones from the neighborhood. Physical security and video surveillance allow you to rest easy knowing that you, your family and property are absolutely protected. In the spacious, lighted lobby of each building there is a reception desk with friendly staff who will call you a taxi, buy tickets for a concert or schedule an inspection, wait for the children from school when you are not there and unobtrusively take care that everything in the building functions flawlessly.

5. Proximity of the school, mall and park increases the real estate value

The proximity of the state-of-the-art kindergarten and bilingual school is a huge advantage for families with children. For all-day fun for the whole family, there is Galerija. The largest shopping center in this part of Europe is much more than a shopping destination. It is a place of good entertainment and gastronomic delights, and the proximity of such centers is also one of the factors that influence the growth of real estate prices.

Savski Park playground for children

The same applies to the proximity of the park – apartments near them are real gems on the real estate market, which can only increase in price over time. The spacious Sava Park, which stretches over the area of ​​four football fields, represents the green heart of Belgrade Waterfront and is an ideal place for rest and recreation in contact with nature.

Finally, let’s quote another popular saying that is valid in the real estate market: “The best time to buy an apartment or house was yesterday.” So don’t hesitate too much. The launch of new buildings in Belgrade Waterfront is the best opportunity to make a purchase decision, because customers can then expect the best selection of apartments and the most favorable payment terms in our Sales Center on the Sava Promenada.

Register at and expect a call from our sales advisor as soon as possible, who will help you choose the ideal property, regardless of whether you are buying it as your future home or as an investment.

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