More than ever, the value of society and individuals is reflected in financial stability. Various events at the global level have only strengthened the need for economic independence. Find out below how significant the role of real estate is now.

Real estate “endure” all economic (un)opportunities

When considering the value of real estate ownership, it is crucial to understand how strong it is, regardless of external influences and changes in local, regional, and even global proportions. Today, with the growth of inflation, this connection is significant because the constant demand and need for housing units increase the importance of the material. Owning an apartment contributes to the overall net value. During the search and decision-making, and due to a large amount of information from the market, many potential buyers forget one crucial fact. Real estate value is currently higher than ever because the incredible transformations caused by the pandemic have contributed to its net worth becoming practically irrefutable.

If one of your goals is stability in all fields, buying a new home is excellent. View this investment primarily as a profit because the price of a new home in the center of the capital can only grow – and only then as a purchase. When we look at the past and try to draw a parallel with the present moment, a “roof over your head” is a vital asset that has not lost its significance; on the contrary – we are more attached to home than before. Searching for an offer with a higher goal, choosing wisely, acting ahead of time, and always keeping in mind the calculation that should go in the direction of your profit at all times is a must. You can contact the right advisors in the Belgrade Waterfront Sales center. Than all you have to do is to enjoy the process.

Ownership as an upgrade of financial stability

Why are we trying so hard to get to our own family nest and create a place where we will spend days, months, years… life? Have you ever thought deeply about how many different ownership levels are essential to you? You can upgrade it in several ways, so real estate quickly becomes vital in achieving financial stability. You can rent or sell the apartment you own later when the sale brings even more profit. Owning a property is a goal worth the effort because it brings you peace and allows you to make other plans and future investments following financial security. Gains on equity, income that can be generated by renting or selling, can significantly increase the net worth of property owners. As the value of your home grows, so does your capital, and thus more excellent stability and greater enjoyment of the life you have created. When you own real estate, you are never at a loss because its value has no expiration date in the time behind us, but also in the time that awaits us – the demand for it does not decrease. To gain security (both financial and in other spheres of life) for your family and future generations, it is essential to pay attention to “a position that is always at a price” when choosing a property. Selecting some of the apartments in the new buildings of Belgrade Waterfront (BW Queen’s Park Residences, BW King’s Park Residences, BW Echo, or BW Sensa), you decide on a timeless location that can bring you many benefits in all spheres of your active life. The proximity of business, the city center, highways, educational institutions, and shopping center is undoubted of great importance for anyone who leads a busy everyday life.

A safe investment in an attractive urban area

The Belgrade Waterfront district is worth 3 billion dollars and represents an urban revitalization project that once turned a less attractive part of the city into a modern oasis. At the same time, it is a new destination located on the banks of the Sava River, and that fantastic positioning always makes it desirable. Seven thousand housing units created for sustainable development are ideal for business people and families. From the beginning of the project until today, when many residents live in imposing buildings, more apartments are in need! Fourteen thousand residents are planned, maybe you will be one of them?

The real estate market offers a handful of options. Still, Belgrade Waterfront stands out for its excellent organization within the complex and many other benefits significant for everyday life. One of the best-connected parts of the city is dynamic and lively during all seasons, with many interesting contents, the most attractive shopping destination in Europe, a kindergarten, a school, and numerous places in the immediate vicinity.

High quality of life no longer has to be an imagination because living in this popular urban neighborhood means finally having a balance between business and private.

Residents who already enjoy this way of life are incredibly pleased with the time saved by the extraordinary location of the apartment, so they can spend every free moment with their loved ones walking along the river, rollerblading, cycling, and sitting in landscaped courtyards that are highly functional and decorated. or enjoy a cafe at sunset on the beautiful Sava Promenada. You can get a bank loan for a new living space in which you will build a bright future in the early phase of building construction at a monthly installment starting from EUR 499.

It is necessary to have a great desire and only a crumb of courage for a dream life – for everything else, we are here at your disposal.

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