For many people, buying real estate is a real turning point for their future life, but it is also an extremely stressful process if we consider all the requirements that follow one another when buying. Still, there are ways to get to your ideal property without much stress.

Get familiar with the real estate market and offers

The real estate industry has progressed a lot in the last few years, especially regarding the digital field. The possibilities that the internet has brought made buying real estate much more effortless. At the same time, an increasing number of real estate agencies that own their sites, social networks, and other communication channels are changing the game rules. This way of doing business can significantly benefit your purchase, but also, with a large market and ways of finding real estate, we are trapped with endless choices. Therefore, it is crucial that before the most significant purchase in life, you pay attention to all the details and determine your priorities. In addition to insight into prices, on one of the reliable sites for the sale of real estate, you can use various filters such as location, type of heating, type of construction and read detailed descriptions for each apartment advertised for sale. This process will reduce the time of purchase but also reduce stress to a minimum.

Set your priorities

Your desires and aspirations can make the purchase itself easier if you realize at the beginning that identifying what you want is making you very close to finding the property you need. Define what type of property you are looking for: a family house, an apartment, or a prefabricated house? Are you planning to expand your family and look for a more spacious apartment? As you research, consider each criterion and write down everything you want on a piece of paper. Do you prefer central or underfloor heating? Do you like new or old construction? Is it essential for you to have an elevator in the building, intercom, and video surveillance? When you have the answers to these and similar questions, narrow down your search and find out how much money you need to afford an apartment with all the qualities essential to you. Compare the prices of apartments in different locations and consider which offer best meets your needs and fits your budget. You should pay special attention to this to organize your life in the new home following the family affinities and free time that each family member needs for themselves. Finally, you can find out more about the particular neighborhood by talking to its residents to see if they are satisfied with their quality of life.

Consider your financial opportunities

Are you buying an apartment with a house loan, from investors, under construction, in a new or an old building? Whatever your choice, it’s essential to start by defining a budget. Carefully plan your resources and determine how much you can invest or what type of housing loan you can obtain. Also, if you are buying an apartment in an old building, keep in mind that you may have to invest more money in its renovation. Allocate a budget and set aside additional funds for furnishing and adapting living space. Concerns about finances, the amount of the housing loan installment, the accompanying costs, and the costs of maintaining the apartment are some of the main factors that make every purchase of real estate exhausting and burdensome.

However, this calculation will help you orient yourself later and not go too far from the goal. It is perfectly normal if you are worried about whether and what you can afford for your family. Therefore, avoid burdening yourself with good budget planning and considering all options, one of which is raising a housing loan. All those who plan to buy an apartment will be pleased to learn that there are housing loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront. Thanks to it, you can get a bank loan for a new home at an early stage of construction, at a monthly installment starting from EUR 499. That is a significant relief because, according to the standard procedure, loans are approved only when the building is completed 60% to 80%.

Seek the help of experts and friends

Once you have decided what kind of apartment you want, found the part of the city that suits you, and chose the payment method, you still have a long way to go to your ideal home. Paperwork, interest rates, taxes, and estimation of the real estate value are just some of the phrases that can confuse you and make the process stressful again.

If that happens, seek professional help from a real estate advisor or a banker. Belgrade Waterfront sales advisor will introduce you to all the benefits of living in this neighborhood, help you find the ideal property, and offer a payment method per your capabilities. Consultations with experts can save you unnecessary stress and bureaucratic “crowds.”Another piece of advice is getting the help of a friend who can thoroughly look at the situation and help you choose an apartment. Think about how much support and flexibility you need and who can help you with that. When getting acquainted with the apartments selection in Belgrade Waterfront, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the restaurants and cafes on the Sava Promenada with a friend, and to clear your head by looking at the beauty of the river and greenery, get rid of stress and talk about further steps.

Benefits of living in Belgrade Waterfront

We all have different goals and aspirations, but we inevitably want to get the excellent quality and life we ​​imagined. Belgrade Waterfront follows world real estate trends and offers its residents all the necessary facilities at their fingertips. The Sava Promenada with numerous cafes and restaurants, Galerija Belgrade shopping center with more than 200 stores, Kula Belgrade – the future symbol of the city, are within walking distance. The most modern city district is also ideal for families because of the excellent infrastructure, including kindergarten, parks, and playgrounds.One of the most important criteria when choosing a new home is the quality of construction. A serious investment, such as buying an apartment, also requires meeting all the standards that you have set. When you are choosing your long-term investment, try to make the right choice. Modern electricity and heating systems, smart living concept, used materials, environmentally sustainable housing and settlements to make everyday life easier are invaluable advantages.

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