It has long been known that buying real estate is one of the best and smartest decisions you can make in life. Due to the constant expansion of large cities, an apartment stands out as the best option. Apartments are more affordable than houses, and since they are smaller, they are easier to maintain and have lower heating costs. In addition, if it is a quality new construction, you will not need additional investment for a long time.

However, in addition to a pleasant atmosphere and a secure future for you and your family, investing in apartments can bring you numerous other benefits, which is particularly evident in the example of Belgrade Waterfront, the most modern settlement in Serbia. We present three top reasons you should start thinking about strategic investing today.


Who wouldn’t like to earn more every month than they normally would by doing their regular job and having more money at their disposal? If you become the owner of an apartment in an attractive location, such as Belgrade Waterfront, where everything you need for life is at your fingertips, and if you smartly use the advantages of owning a property, you can completely annul the purchase costs over time.

Renting the apartment to responsible residents and collecting rent is a safe passive income that creates monthly positive cash flow. If it is a new construction, the passive income becomes even higher. Thus, for example, the rent of apartments in Belgrade Waterfront is around EUR 22 per square meter, while the rent for apartments located in buildings of a similar level or with similar amenities ranges between EUR 12 and EUR 18 per square meter. With a simple calculation, we realise that an apartment on the right bank of the Sava is an investment that pays for itself in just 13 years.


The development and expansion of the housing project over time and the increase in available amenities in the immediate neighbourhood inevitably affect the value of your apartment, which is constantly increasing. In addition, one of the crucial factors for investing in real estate is the location. The more exclusive and prestigious it is, the higher the value of your apartment will be.

Belgrade Waterfront, Sava square, state elementary school and kindergarten.

Belgrade Waterfront is often cited as an excellent example that perfectly illustrates this situation. Real estate in the most attractive location in the Serbian capital brings profit to the owners even before they take the keys to the apartment because the value of square meters in this settlement increases from 5 to 7 per cent annually, in parallel with the project’s development. In other words, all those who make a wise decision in time and buy an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront have the possibility of earning about 20 per cent already during the construction period.

This direct financial benefit can perhaps best be seen in the example of the BW Vista and BW Parkview buildings. Those who bought the first apartments in these buildings paid between EUR 2,200 and EUR 2,600 per square meter, and today, the price of those apartments on the market is between EUR 3,700 and EUR 4,100 per square meter. As the project itself continues to develop, through the construction of a bilingual state elementary school, kindergarten, parks, and the metro, as well as through the opening of the prestigious hotel The St. Regis Belgrade, it is likely that the price difference will become even greater.


Owning real estate in an age when inflation devalues the money represents a real fortune and an oasis of financial security. The land on which the apartment is located, as well as its property, will always have a certain market value, which does not depend on fluctuating movements in the stock market. Hence, it is not surprising that in Serbia, the possession of hard assets, real estate, has always been considered an exceptional life and economic success and the first thing money should be invested to ensure a secure future.

Therefore, don’t hesitate either. Secure the future for yourself and your loved ones and build your family nest on the banks of the Sava in Belgrade Waterfront, giving you the best of life.

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