No, Belgrade Waterfront is not just buildings and apartments

No, Belgrade Waterfront is not just buildings and apartments

“And how do you feel about Belgrade Waterfront? It’s nice, isn’t it?” the visibly delighted lady asked her daughter when they set foot on the ground floor of Galerija from the underground garage.

“Galerija is beautiful; you can see that right away! I can’t wait to go shopping because I know what they have here. It is tidy and new, everything seems clean and it’s easy to get everywhere, but as far as I could see when we were coming towards Galerija, Belgrade Waterfront is just buildings and apartments and nothing else,” answered the daughter.

Prelepo setaliste puno zelenina sa ljudima koji se setaju

“Well, I wouldn’t really say that. I heard that there are also a lot of parks and that there is a nice promenade next to the Sava with new pedestrian bridge near the Kula Belgrade that hover over the river… Come on, we’ll take a walk afterward to see how it all looks in real life”, added the lady to her daughter’s comment, who probably found herself for the first time on the well-maintained right Sava’s bank.

This recent conversation between two ladies in Galerija served as an opportunity to debunk another myth:

 No, Belgrade Waterfront is not just buildings and apartments.

In addition to being the most modern and well-organized neighborhood in Serbia with numerous amenities that make everyday life much easier for residents, Belgrade Waterfront has become an essential part of the list of “what to visit in Belgrade” as a significant tourist attraction, and thanks to its lavish offer and numerous cultural and artistic events on the Sava’s banks, it has acquired the status of a world-class destination.

In short, here is what makes Belgrade Waterfront much more than the buildings and apartments in them:


Belgrade Waterfront during all seasons is the place where the most important entertainment, artistic, musical, and cultural events in the city are held.

Belgrade River Fest proslava u Beogradu na vodi

In a short time, Belgrade River Fest has become the most prestigious music festival in the country, where visitors have the rare privilege to see and hear world superstars such as Andrea Bocelli, Mariza, Ana Netrebko, Yusif Eyvazov, Jasmin Levy in an open space by the river, while this year, the legendary Nick Cave and the favorite Greek among Serbs, Antonis Remos, will perform.

During every summer, Open Air Cinema gathers a cinema lovers on the soft grass in front of Galerija, on Sava Promenada, to enjoy free screenings of cult film hits for all generations. The open-air summer cinema has become a trademark of Belgrade during warm evenings.

Zene kampuju u zelenom parku Beograda na vodi

Sava Promenada has become the address for many other events such as the Belgrade Berry Festival, Weekend Bazzar Fest, or Restaurant Week, while the whole world is buzzing about the spectacular New Year’s celebrations and New Year’s fireworks from Kula Belgrade every December 31st. During the winter, Sava Park hosts the Winter Fairy Tale, the most beautiful holiday festival in Serbia, which already gathers millions of visitors.

When the Belgrade Waterfront project is fully developed, it will become not only the centre of the creative industry in Serbia and the region, but will also contain kindergartens, primary schools, museums, theatre stages, a market, new parks, and numerous other cultural and educational facilities. The observation deck on the 41st floor of Kula Belgrade, the tallest building in Serbia and the region, will be particularly attractive, from where it will be possible to view the panorama of the city through binoculars and kaleidoscopes.


Umetnost Beograda na vodi

If you are an art lover, you will be delighted by the fact that almost all important public areas in Belgrade Waterfront are decorated with unique works of art. Sava Park has recently been decorated with “Sparrows” and “Street Lights”, “Lynx” and “People” await visitors on Sava Promenada, in Galerija you can find “The Hearth of Belgrade”, “Linden”, “Sava Waves”, “Butterflies” while “Ramonda flowers” will also be installed soon. In other words, Belgrade Waterfront is great support to local artists and transforms the right Sava’s bank into a true open-air art gallery accessible to everyone.


More than 40 percent of the total area of ​​Belgrade Waterfront is under greenery, and more than 2,000 trees have been planted so far. That number is constantly increasing, as an average of 10 to 20 new trees are planted every month as part of this multiple award-winning project.

Deca se igraju u decijem parku u Beogradu na vodi

The Sava Park is not only one of the most beautiful parks in Belgrade, but also a real green oasis in the city centre that covers an area of ​​four football fields. In addition to a playground for children with equipment that develops their motor skills, Sava Park has multifunctional fields for team sports, 700-metre-long jogging track, and more than 140 trees of various trees, in accordance with local tradition.

Trees also provide pleasant shade on Sava Square, the largest and greenest square in Serbia, on Sava Promenada, Belgrade’s favorite esplanade, while saplings of maple, hornbeam, and other types of trees are planted along all the streets in the neighborhood. There are also colorful flowers in planters throughout the neighborhood that are changed four times a year, so they are always refreshed with beautiful colors, regardless of the season.

We leave all other contents and beauties of Belgrade Waterfront for you to explore. Visit the most modern neighborhood in Serbia and enjoy the enchanting view of Belgrade’s blue river and experience the beauty of the Serbian capital in the most beautiful way.

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